Monday, February 08, 2010

Fuck You Blogger!

Yet another long post completely obliterated by fucking Blogger.

Dear Blogger,

You fucking suck. I rue the day I created my blog with you. You make me want to quit, seriously.





Jez said...

JPW - Most of my blog ideas start out in Word. Is there any way you could, you know, type your blog in some kind of word processor, where you could save your work, and then just move it over to blogger? I do this a lot.

Shannon said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

JPW said...

Good idea, Jez, but wouldn't really work with the way I do blogs. I'm more of an off the cuff, first thing in the morning poster. Blogger holds all of my links and blurbs, then I combined and post. I have tried saving to Word, but it got old since I'm daily. I'm moving out of here one of these days, though.

And what are you laughing at Ms. Shannon? Don't make me come up there!