Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Feral Fire - Glossary

Today brings much musical pleasure.

Quick note before I get to the Fire of the matter...

Pre-Sale for select shows begins today at 10:00 a.m. local time for the first leg of Drive-By Truckers The Big To-Do Tour.

Links here. Go buy your tickets now, because it is going to be a 'sell out' kinda year.


Glossary - Feral Fire

Over a year ago, there was a disk in my car stereo that simply refused to leave and refused to stop playing. I could not tear myself from listening to what was my favorite album of that time period.

Glossary's The Better Nature of our Angels would have been on the top of my year end lists, if I ever did year end lists.

I loved this record and wanted to have its baby.

Today, Glossary dips into another literary well for the title of their latest effort, Feral Fire.

I've had the pleasure of reviewing Feral Fire for 10 days or so and it lives up to and surpasses in some cases the promise of Better Angels.

Glossary is definitely one of my favorite bands out there.

Why, two of the band members, Todd Beene and Kelly Kneiser appear in AAW's header.

This band pours it heart and soul out on stage, too. A great performing band.

Please go purchase their new album today.

Amazon.com: Feral Fire: Glossary: Music

We talk alot about 'supporting good music' around these parts.

Well, here's your first opportunity of 2010.

Amazon.com: Feral Fire: Glossary: Music

My favorite so far are:

No Guarantee
Pretty Things

Through the Screen Door

Hope and Peril

Pretty, Through and Hope could be the finest 3 song run of the year.

The album is, per past Glossary, lyrically engaging but it also has a groove to it.

Official news about the rock band Glossary from Murfreesboro, TN � About:
"“Nowadays, we definitely want the songs to have some sort of groove to them… or swing a little more,” says Kneiser. “Really, we just try to just work the song. Nobody plays more than they should. It’s more like ‘how can we serve the song?’”"
See, told ya.

Here's the press release. Go buy Feral Fire TODAY!

Amazon.com: Feral Fire: Glossary: Music

When author Cormac McCarthy describes looking upon “paths of feral fire in the coagulate sands” in his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Road, he hit on what Glossary lead singer Joey Kneiser says is “the perfect image of longing.”

It sparked the title of Glossary’s sixth full-length album, Feral Fire, which includes a testifying batch of R&B and country tinged rock songs that explores the band’s dysfunctional relationship with time, religion, materialism, the universe and southern ideals. It’s that same longing, says Kneiser, that drives people to pursue the things they wouldn’t normally pursue.

Mixing pedal steel and other traditional instrumentation with bending and crashing electric guitars, Glossary’s spirited American rock and roll speaks loudly to those beyond the southern region—those who relate to the great communicators like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Otis Redding. Joey Kneiser’s cracked voice, complemented by Kelly Kneiser’s relaxed, creamy vocals, creates an everyman musical quality able to fit the passing night through a car window, or a rowdy beer swilling get-together. The group has opened for everyone from the Drive-By Truckers to Against Me! and been embraced as musical cousins by their crowds.

Produced by Centro-matic drummer and recording guru Matt Pence, and released on sister band Lucero’s label, Liberty Lement, Feral Fire was recorded in ten days and encapsulatesGlossary’s unremitting musical drive---one that involves playing and creating for the sake of simply playing and creating. In fact, the five-piece from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has been releasing records both independently and on labels for over a decade.

Feral Fire sees a band full of “pop music junkies,” with a soft spot for both underground music and ’80s country radio, delving into multiple genres. The soul-soaked “Pretty Things” is a love song pointed at a materialistic girl coming to grips with change, while the jaunty, rebellious “Save Your Money for the Weekend” chronicles a rough and ragged southerner pleading with a waning Christian girl to shed some of her inhibitions—kind of a southern version of “Only the Good Die Young”. The latter seems to resurrect the spirit of Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott and includes the line, “All I know is southern girls are sweeter ‘cause they’re full of Jesus’ love.”


Peter Grumbine said...

damn, that's the stuff. good call. thanks.

JPW said...

Agreed and my pleasure.

APGG said...

Can't begin to say how thrilled I was to read someone talking The Better Nature of our Angels with as much passion as I have for the album. It's the best kept secret in modern music.

JPW said...

I agree, APGG. Tis a wonderful album and Feral is just as good.