Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Legalized Thongs

Mish-mash of older and new articles as I clear out my tubes today.

Why my "always going broke, Commie fucking state" is way better than which-ever hell hole you live in:

This is one way to get me to the polls in November.

Pot legalization headed for California ballot | Raw Story:

"Voters in California will likely decide this November whether or not to legalize marijuana, after legalization activists handed in far more than the necessary number of petition signatures to get the measure onto the ballot."

Arnie is HORRIBLE. Worst Governor that is not from the South.

But, another reason why I ain't moving to any other U.S. state (like that caveat... U.S. state...) probably ever.

CA Senate ignores Arnie, okays single-payer health care | Raw Story:
"The California Senate approved creating a government-run health care system for the nation's most populous state on Thursday, ignoring a veto threat from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Meanwhile, in Wing-Nut Utopia.....

Working as well for them as it is Somalia. Galt, baby. Galt.

Daily Kos: Colo. Wing-Nut Capital Becomes 3rd-World Dump


In news of 'no-shit'.

Poll: Americans pretty clueless about politics, world | Raw Story:
"Only one in four Americans know how many votes a Senate filibuster requires. One in three know the name of the chairman of the Republican Party. One in two know the Democratic leader of the US Senate."


Under fire, Obama’s chief of staff calls liberal strategy ‘fucking retarded’ | Raw Story:

This coming from the DLC corporatist douche who hates Howard Dean and was against the 50 state strategy. The two major reasons Rahm has the fucking job he has now.

Also, the DLC corporatist douche who is against primaries and is for anointing Dem candidates. Even though his current boss won election b/c he went through one of the toughest primaries ever and nobody was EVER going to anoint a brother.

Fucking Retarded? Just look in the mirror Rahm.

Please go away, Rahm.

"'Everyone seems to be waiting around for the Chicago street brawler Rahm, because the one that showed up in the White House has little apparent fight in him,' Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos remarked. 'Sure, he's quick to attack progressives when they criticize Obama or put legislative pressure on him from the left, but he's far too quick and happy to accommodate the Democratic Party's corporatist wing.'"

She's right. Will it happen? Never.

We could save 300 Billion with a stroke of a pen.

Pelosi: Defense Pork Shouldn't Be Exempt From Spending Freeze:
"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reiterated on Thursday that pork-laden Pentagon programs shouldn't be protected from President Obama's proposed three-year spending freeze -- a position that the White House distanced itself from on Wednesday after Pelosi made comments to that effect in an interview with Politico.

'While we all want to support our men and women in uniform... and our national defense and our veterans, I don't think that we should protect military contractors, and I want to make that distinction very clear,' Pelosi said at her weekly press conference Thursday.

The government can't minimize wasteful spending without auditing the Pentagon, Pelosi said, citing a 2009 report indicating that top U.S. weapons programs went over budget by some $296 billion."


The Washington Monthly:
"'Some of the votes [Republicans] cast -- we would be on trial for treason if we had voted against defense appropriations in the midst of a war,' he told reporters on his way to the Senate chamber. Durbin was referring to GOP members who tried to block the defense bill out of concern that a hate crimes bill was attached to it.

'They did it with impunity,' Durbin lamented.

Durbin's right; they did. Every reckless, irresponsible, hypocritical, dangerous, and incoherent step Republicans take, they do so 'with impunity.'

They do so because they're pretty confident that Democrats won't effectively raise a fuss, the media won't care, and the public won't know. And they're right.

I'd like to be stoked about this but it all seems a bit 'Write this down. M.A.R.S. That's right! Mars, bitches!' lately.

White House Plans $8 Billion For High Speed Trains:
"WASHINGTON — High-speed rail projects in California, Florida and Illinois are among the big winners of $8 billion in grants to be announced Thursday by the White House – the start of what some Democrats tout as a national rail-building program that could rival the interstate highways begun in the Eisenhower era."

Hello. Democrats? This should be fertilizer in your efforts to grow balls.

Calitics:: Oregon Voters Deliver Game-Changing Victory:
"Pundits like to claim California voters are anti-tax. Of course, we've raised various kinds of taxes at the state level, including the Prop 10 cigarette taxes in 1998, and the Prop 63 millionaire's tax for mental health programs passed in 2004. Still, even though our reputation remains, we've got nothing on Oregon, where no tax has been approved by statewide voters since 1930.

Until now.

Yesterday Oregon voters delivered a huge victory for progressives by approving Measures 66 and 67, raising taxes on incomes over $250,000 and large corporations to generate $733 million to close the state's budget deficit. The Oregon legislature had approved the taxes last summer, but a corporate/teabagger alliance organized to put it to voters in a referendum."

You LIE, Cosmo. YOU LIE. Damn you, Cosmo. Damn you all to HELL!

Just because they write it doesn't make it so!

So Thong, Farewell: Cosmo Declares The G-String Dead (POLL)


Meanwhile, in other views :)

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