Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Waterboarding. Now for Kids!

Eradicate? Yes. Because your twisted Christian beliefs are some of the most hateful on the planet.

Christians claim hate crimes law an effort to ‘eradicate’ their beliefs

And the irony flies so far over their heads all they see is a contrail.


This kind of Jesus-Torture is good beliefs? Why would we ever want to vaccinate the disease of the Bush years from our collected blood?

Because I promise you.... This isn't the first child that's been waterboarded by an American.

Done in your name and done in my name.

Soldier reportedly ‘waterboards’ daughter for failing to recite alphabet | Raw Story:
"A 27-year-old Washington state soldier allegedly admitted Sunday to having held his daughter's head in a bowl of water because she couldn't recite the alphabet.

British newspapers labeled the technique 'waterboarding,'"

Loyalty DNA? Kill switch? Haven't these people watched or read ANY science fiction?

And I wonder where the Christian outrage is on this one. Seems to be pretty godlike creating immortal beings.

And it'll probably run on Windows. A 9 year old Chinese child will be able to write code to flip the loyalty DNA. Promise.

Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal ‘Synthetic Organisms,’ Molecular Kill-Switch Included | Danger Room | Wired.com:
"Of course, Darpa’s got to prevent the super-species from being swayed to do enemy work — so they’ll encode loyalty right into DNA, by developing genetically programmed locks to create “tamper proof” cells."


Yup. Big buzz coming from this article.

Steve Clemons: Core Chicago Team Sinking Obama Presidency


She reads better than she sounds, but she nailed this one. Too bad her dad is one of the 65+ year old nut jobs.

Meghan McCain Calls Out Tea Party For Racism, On 'The View' (VIDEO):
"McCain: Congressman Tancredo went on TV and he was the first opening speaker and he said, 'People who could not even spell the word vote or say it in English put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House whose name is Barack Hussein Obama.' And then he went on to say that people at the convention should have to pass literacy tests in order to be able to vote in this country, which is the same thing that happened in the 50's to prevent African Americans from voting. It's innate racism and I think it's why young people are turned off by this movement. And I'm sorry, but revolutions start with young people, not with 65-year-old people talking about literacy tests and people who can't say the word 'vote' in English."

It'll be legal on the west side soon.

When 70 Percent Support Marijuana Legalization, Starbucks Gets The Message | NEWS JUNKIE POST:

A remarkable scenario played out in the American media recently, and beyond the import of the story itself is the quantum shift in public perception that it illustrates.

A pro-cannabis group based in Colorado called for a nationwide boycott of coffee giant Starbucks after activists spotted a Starbucks logo on the website of a virulently extremist anti-drug organization. After intense negative publicity ensued, Starbucks actually felt moved to issue a denial."

Bay Area is ground zero for California effort to legalize pot - Sacramento News - Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee



David Hume Kennerly: A Forty Year Photographic Retrospective:
"David Hume Kennerly A Forty Year Photographic Retrospective, 1970-2010 opens this Sunday at the Frank Pictures Gallery, in Santa Monica's Bergamot Station.

'When I look at all those places and all those people in these photographs, it's hard to believe I did that,' David Kennerly says. 'I never get over that feeling.'"

You gotta roll with it.

How to Survive a 35,000-Foot Fall - Plane Crash Survival Guide - Popular Mechanics:
"You’re 6 miles up. You’re alone. You’re falling.

Things are bad. But now’s the time to focus on the good news. (Yes, it goes beyond surviving the destruction of your aircraft.) Although gravity is against you, another force is working in your favor: time. Believe it or not, you’re better off up here than if you’d slipped from the balcony of your high-rise hotel room after one too many drinks last night.

Or at least you will be. Oxygen is scarce at these heights. By now, hypoxia is starting to set in. You’ll be unconscious soon, and you’ll cannonball at least a mile before waking up again. When that happens, remember what you are about to read. The ground, after all, is your next destination."


Mars Pictures: NASA's Most Extraordinary Images EVER (PHOTOS)


This has been around a while. I just came across it. It buoys my burnout a bit.


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