Friday, March 19, 2010

The Big To-Do Week in Review - 3/19/2010

The Big To-Do!

Ten Songs to Improve a Pissed Off Rainy Day playlist by Drive-By Truckers on MySpace Music - listen to songs & purchase MP3s:
"Please play loud and in order while downing 2 beers and whatever else ya got. Umbrella, optional. - Patterson Hood"

THE DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS, VICKI AND ME Drive-By Truckers on Blurt Online:
"Is this the first step towards doing some co-songwriting? I remember in the first interview I ever did with you guys that you said there'd be blood on the floor if y'all ever wrote a song together. Might we see more songs like 'Girls Who Smoke?'

PH: It was fun. I like the song. When you play together this long, you try all kinds of stuff, but generally, writing is a solitary thing for me.

MC: Yeah, it's something I do by myself. That's one of the things I like about it. I get to bounce ideas off my multiple personalities. (Laughs) I get to work with the person I love the most. (Laughs)

PH: You don't love that asshole. (Laugh"

The Drive-By Truckers Are Not Making This Up - Page 1 - Music - New York - Village Voice:
"Savoring your shock and stealing a fry off your plate, Hood asks, Can you believe it?"

The Drive-By Truckers play the pimp AND prostitute: how to sell your new album and stay off your knees - The 6149:
"Why do I think that The Trucker's have moved on to the 'critical mass' phase? The push behind this new album, that's why. They are going all in on this one. Yes, I am a fan so I have been on the lookout for this album. I am also signed up to their newsletter, facebook fan page and twitter account. So, yes, I am where they are broadcasting their message, but it is how they are using those channels that has my antennae buzzing."

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