Monday, March 22, 2010

Historic Day for the Good Guys

Health insurance reform is now law of the land.

I've been thinking a lot about getting a 'foot in the door'. Those of us who want true health care reform, now have a foot in the door. Lots of work to be done. Probably more work the next go around than this go around. The Public Option or Medicaid buy in for all MUST be in place before the mandate kicks in. Must.

That's where I'll be focusing my energy. I'll also be focusing on ridding the Democratic Party of the dead weight, Republican wannabes.

I hope the Dems have learned a lot. Like, how to negotiate, for one.

No. More. Compromising.

This bill could have been so much more.

However, this was a BIG win for Dems and a HUGE loss for the crazy-ass Republicants.

Roll that around your head and mouth. A MASSIVE win for the Dems, and a crippling loss for the Thugs.

Rep. John B. Larson: The Top Ten Immediate Benefits You'll Get When Health Care Reform Passes

Mitchell Bard: A Guide for Those Traumatized by Right-Wing, Fear-Mongering Lies on Health Care Reform


Former Bush speech writer David Frum:

Health Care REACTION: Bill Passes, Analysts Weigh In:

"Conservatives and Republicans today suffered their most crushing legislative defeat since the 1960s."

Ezra Klein - Who does health-care reform help?:
"Health-care reform is focused on another group: the working class. People with jobs, but not jobs that are good enough to offer them health-care benefits. People with paychecks, but who aren't making quite enough money to bear the cost of insurance. People who're buying insurance on their own, which means they don't get the good deals that big employers get, and they don't get a giant tax break to help them out. But these aren't lazy people, or layabouts. These are people who've been left behind in the system. We spend a lot more money to give a lot more help to a lot of folks who need it less than this group does."

Kudo's to Pelosi.

Joshua A. Tucker's response to 'Pelosi's triumph?' - The Arena | POLITICO.COM:
"And so begins the shift in the narrative of the Obama presidency: from the lost year to the man who succeeded where Democrats have failed for decades, against all odds, whose methods looked doom to fail but now look brilliant in retrospect, etc. etc. I doubt very strongly that any seats will be lost over this vote, or at the very least any more than would have been lost from 'incompetent Democrats can't accomplish anything' narrative that would have dominated the campaign had the bill failed. My guess: if the economy gets worse (or even fails to get better) between now and November, Democratic seat losses will probably be exacerbated in the fall. If the economy gets unexpectedly better, Democratic seat losses will be minimized. But a legislative accomplishment of this magnitude should inspire the base, which, if anything, should help in the fall."

Greg Dworkin's response to 'Pelosi's triumph?' - The Arena | POLITICO.COM:
"A Pelosi triumph? I noted last week that this strong speaker was underestimated and under-credited. I predicted that when the bill passed, that would change. By the way, you really need to compare Republican rhetoric today with that which they said after Social Security passed (anyone besides Dana Milbank remember Alf Landon?) And you need to highlight the racial epithets hurled at the Congressional Black Caucus Saturday at health bill protests (confirmed by Eric Cantor on This Week – yes, it happened, and it’s disgraceful. It doesn’t matter that George C. Wallace voters don’t like the 21st century, progress and change happen regardless) I am looking forward to passage Sunday in a historic vote. Millions of the uninsured, under insured and poorly served need this bill. And while you watch, remember John F Kennedy’s comment: victory has a thousand fathers...."

The Crazy Within the Republican Party

Teabaggers will kill people over this. There will be blood shed by these insane motherfuckers.

Tea Party sign threatens gun violence if health care passes.

The Political Carnival: Tweet: "We'll surely get over a bullet to Obama's head"

CBC member: Health bill protesters called lawmakers the N-word - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Daily Kos: Parkinson's Victim Mocked by Teabaggers Speaks Out

Tea Party protesters reportedly spit on one lawmaker, call others ‘faggot’ and the n-word.

Black Representative Says He Was Spat On By Anti-HCR Protester | TPM LiveWire

Menacing | Talking Points Memo

GOP accused of circulating ‘hoax’ health care memo | Raw Story

State of the health care debate: Talk radio attacks an 11-year old | McClatchy

Stupak repeatedly called ‘baby killer’ on House floor | Raw Story:
"WASHINGTON -- Capping a tense Sunday in which the House of Representatives cleared historic health care legislation, one of the staunchest anti-abortion Democrats was dubbed a 'baby killer' by a representative on the Republican side of the chamber."

We need a lot more Plouffe. Less Rahm, More Plouffe.

Rove loses his cool in debate with Obama aide | Raw Story:
"Holding a whiteboard and yelling about the cost of health care reform, former Senior Bush adviser Karl Rove melted down on ABC's This Week Sunday. Rove faced off against David Plouffe, one of President Barack Obama's senior advisers."

Daily Kos: Why Teabaggers lie about HCR (and everything else)...they have to.:
"Leading up to the 2008 Presidential election, I had a lengthy political discussion with my younger sister. We had been discussing the increasingly volatile nature of the political attacks coming from the right. The cries of “terrorist”, the continuing claims of a “kenyan/muslim Manchurian candidate”, and the warnings of coming socialism bothered my sister and I both, to say nothing of the actual death threats clearly audible at rallies for the opposition. As the children of African American parents who grew in the Deep South in the midst of the Civil Rights movement, the dogs whistles, the latent racism was clear to us both. My sister asked me how these people, could say such things about another American citizen, how they hate one of their own neighbors that much.

My answer was simple. I told her that unfortunately, some of our neighbors, some of our American brothers and sisters had long embraced a world view that said that an African-American was not worthy to hold the presidency, to lead “their” great nation. If Barack Obama won the election, that world view would be proven false. It would be, figuratively speaking, the end of the world for the people who held it.

I’ve heard it said that it’s much better to be happy than right. How true."

Here are the fools we try to reason with. Idiots.


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