Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Chief Of Sabotage

Yeah, The Onion, but pretty spot on. Boner is such a douche.

My Constituents Care Way More About Political Gamesmanship Than Jobs, Health Care, And The Economy | The Onion - America's Finest News Source:
"It is my responsibility as an elected official to look out for the people back home, the voters who sent me to Washington. So, after 20 years representing Ohio's 8th District, I know what the good citizens of Montgomery, Preble, and Butler counties really want: someone who engages in the kind of calculated political gamesmanship that increases his standing in the Republican party while simultaneously hindering our country's legislative process at every conceivable turn.

I assure you, the last thing my voters need is some well intended, do-all-I-possibly-can-to-help-the-little-guy congressman running around Washington, working across the aisle, and fighting tooth and nail for jobs, health care, and financial reform to ensure their tax dollars never end up in the hands of banks capable of holding our entire economy hostage."

And as far as douches go, this guy ain't far behind Boner. Dude doesn't believe in anything. Crass ass.

See, I can be fair and balanced.

Rahm Emanuel: Obama's Chief Of Sabotage:
"Emanuel's greatest 'victory' before this one, of course, was the one upon which he earned his reputation: Getting a bunch of conserva-Dems elected in purple states in 2006, winning the party control of the House while at the same time crippling its progressive agenda. This is what Emanuel is all about. For him, victory is everything -- even if you have to give up your core values to win, and even if you could have won while sticking to them.

The Rahm Emanuel that Obama hired is the poster child for the timid, pseudo-pragmatism that is inimical to the idealistic Obama agenda so many excited voters responded to last November. And it's a pragmatism that is absolutely killing the Democratic Party in the long run, because American voters have an intrinsic distrust of politicians they see as tacking with the polls or shying away from a fight. This if nothing else is the lesson of two George W. Bush presidencies: American voters have a profoundly soft spot for people with clear, strongly-held principles, almost regardless of what those principles are."


Blackberrys add 10 days extra work each year - Telegraph:
"Britons' refusal to turn off their Blackberrys or mobile phones means they are effectively working an extra 10 days a year, a survey suggests."

Game changer.

Surf the Web at the Speed of Light : Discovery News:
"'Using a germanium laser as a light source, you could communicate at very high data rates at very low power,' said Jurgen Michel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who developed the new germanium laser. 'Eventually you could have the computing power of today's supercomputers inside a laptop.'"

Justifiable homicide.

College Student Says He Killed Roommate Over Snoring:
"BEIJING — A Chinese college student fed up with his roommate's snoring, has confessed to stabbing him to death in the middle of the night."

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