Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Chutney Man

Let's get into some food.

I met Leon (ChutneyMan) this Saturday at a local farmers market. I spent a good 30-45 minutes with Leon as he took me through several of his flavors on a plastic spoon. But the added bonus was the the conversation went from food to life back to food then more life.

A truly special experience. Check out his website. His sauces are devine. I purchased the Green Chili sauce which will be introduced to some pork soon and my northern doll bought some Hot Coconut Cilantro sauce that looks like a science experiment gone awry but tastes out of this world and a Sun dried Tomato and Mango chutney that we pasted on some artisan bread and top with some local made sharp white cheddar. Damn awesome.

Leon has prepared sauces for the Queen of England and the U.S. Open Golf Championship. He also supplies local celebrity chefs who he won't kiss and tell but I inferred one of them is on the Food Network and has some spiky white hair.

Buy some of his stuff. You won't be disappointed. I tasted at lease 10-15 of these sauces.

ChutneyMan - Leon Day's Condiments

This one is particularly crazy good:


And Bay Area bars will ignore the frack out of the state.

State warns Bay Area bars not to infuse drinks:
"Cocktails are mixed with great sincerity at Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco. Take the Clermont Affair, a marriage of pear-infused Old Overholt whiskey, a liqueur called Amaro Nonino, barrel-aged bitters and a house-made tincture of cloves."

No Criminality. None. Set-up.

The BRAD BLOG : NY D.A. Clears Brooklyn ACORN: 'No Criminality'



Daily Kos: BREAKING: Bill Halter PRIMARIES Blanche Lincoln!


Double hell yes! Obama needs to ditch the douches and bring back Dean to run things.

Dean brought us the majorities. Bring. Him. Back, Obama.

The Pennsylvania Progressive:: It's Time to Return to the 50 State Strategy:
"I loved the 50 State Strategy rhetorically, strategically, politically. The SPP was a godsend -- and electorally really effective (we retained a governorship, won a swing Congressional seat, and took over the majority in both houses of our legislative in the 4 years we had the SPP). I raised about $120,000 for the DNC on my good word that the SPP and the 50SS were crucial.

It is a goddam shame that Tim Kaine, David Axelrod, and Rahm Emmanuel, three guys who probably don't agree upon much, were able to all but kill off the SPP and 50SS."

Progressive state = Good:

Massachusetts Senate eyes creating a state bank | Reuters:
"Therese Murray, the Senate president, has called for a commission to study whether Massachusetts, whose economy partly relies on its money management firms, should adopt the North Dakota model, which has been credited with helping that state escape the worst of the recession.

In Massachusetts, such a bank might, for example, replace the commercial institutions that now collect fees for managing the Commonwealth's revenues.

A new Massachusetts state bank could help unfreeze the still sluggish credit markets by lending funds to other banks, enabling them to make more small business loans, for exampl

Crazy Mormon Conservative State = Fucking worst people in the world.

"Yup. A new law makes it possible that a woman who has had a miscarriage will then be exposed to police interrogation:"

One of the hottest things I've seen. Frack the IOC. Check out the pictures.

IOC to investigate Canadian women's hockey team for celebration - Fourth-Place Medal - 2010 Olympics Blog - Yahoo! Sports:
"The International Olympic Committee will investigate the actions of Canadian women's hockey players who celebrated their gold medal victory Thursday night by swigging beer and smoking cigars on the ice in Vancouver."

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