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DBT Week in Review - 3/12/2010





Late Show - This Week's Guests -
"Liev Schreiber
(Broadway's 'A View From the Bridge')

Jim Gaffigan

Drive-By Truckers
(CD, 'The Big To-Do')"

Tonight and tomorrow!

Drive-By Truckers - Live from the Variety Playhouse -
"Shortly after their debut performance on The David Letterman Show, The Drive-By Truckers are teaming up with to bring you a two night live stream from their shows at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA on March 12th and 13th"

ATL 3:00 P.M. instore.

Criminal Records - InStore


RMIC - 17th Annual James River Film Festival - 2010:
"The Secret To A Happy Ending: A documentary about the Drive-By Truckers (Barr Weissman, 2010, color, 101 min.) with filmmaker Barr Weissman and artist Wes Freed

9:00 pm – The Firehouse Theatre

Admission $5"

Listen to New Releases and Free Music CDs - Spinner Canada

Swampland:Drive By Truckers: The Big To-Do

The Big To-Do | Music |

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS, "THIS FUCKING JOB" LIVE VIDEO - Americana and roots music - No Depression


Yay, Jay!

Drive-By Truckers, "The Big To-Do" |
"Those tracks also highlight the impact that keyboardist Jay Gonzalez is making on the band. -Gary Graff"

There's Party Music, Then There's After The Party Music | WABX 107.5:
"That's where you'll find the Drive-By Truckers. If bands are tagged by chiches. their mantra might be 'Y'all ain't from around here, are you?' The greatest Southern party bands make you feel as if you're sitting back with a smile, surrounded by friends, and looking forward to the adventures you'll have before the night is over. DBT music is about when all the good liquor is gone, you're slumped like a millstone in someone's living room and you're drinking warm Boone's Farm because it's the only fucking thing these assholes have left in their cooler. We've been there -- when you decide this party sucks anyway, but you're too pissed and too wasted to get up and leave, which is okay because you have no where to go anyway."

The Gibson Interview: Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood:
"Few contemporary bands have furthered southern rock traditions quite like the Drive-By Truckers. Beginning with their 2001 opus, Southern Rock Opera, the six-piece group settled on a three-guitar approach that’s involved personnel changes, but has never wavered in its ragged spirit."

Relix - Reviews - CDs - Drive-By Truckers: The Big To-Do:
"In 2009, the Drive-By Truckers spent time in the studio laying down tracks for what would turn into two separate releases. The Big To-Do, the first of the two albums, contains a batch of potent rockers with an edge that has been missing since the days of 2001’s Southern Rock Opera. The Big To-Do is an album that will draw you in on first listen. “Drag The Lake Charlie” juxtaposes a catchy, twisted tale against a punchy groove that would make Tom Petty proud. Other standout moments include *Shonna Tucker*’s tender vocals on the bittersweet “You Got Another” and the crunch of Paterson Hood and *Mike Cooley*’s guitars on “This Fucking Job.”"

Bicycling badass Davd Zabriskie gives DBT a Tweet-out.

Twitter / dzabriskie: 10 more days until the new ...:

10 more days until the new "Drive by Truckers" album comes out...and "God of War 3" Who knew March 16 was going to be so good

Muscle Shoals Sound

Panel: 'Sweet Home Alabama' | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:
"FLORENCE - Members of the Alabama House of Representatives Tourism and Travel Committee changed their recommendation for the state song at their meeting Saturday at the University of North Alabama.

After hearing arguments from local tourism directors as well as those in the music business, committee chairman Johnny Mack Morrow, D-Red Bay, said he planned to recommend the 1974 Lynyrd Skynyrd hit 'Sweet Home Alabama' instead of 'Stars Fell on Alabama.'"


Mark Linkous Suicide: Sparklehorse Singer Dead, Dies At 47:
"NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Mark Linkous, the singer-songwriter who released his music under the band name Sparklehorse, has died after shooting himself in the chest in Tennessee. He was 47."

Pink Floyd takes record company EMI to court | Raw Story:
"Their lawyer Robert Howe told the High Court that the dispute was about online royalties and whether EMI was entitled to sell individual tracks 'otherwise than in the original configuration of the Pink Floyd albums'.

He argued that this was 'expressly prohibited' under their contract but said EMI argued that the clause did not apply to online sales. The case is likely to run for days."

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