Thursday, March 11, 2010

Suck It, John Roberts

Did you hear about this on the news? Of course you didn't.

Judge says gov’t must allow funding for ACORN:
"A federal judge retained her position that it is unconstitutional for Congress to prevent funding for the activist group ACORN after a government request that she reconsider.

U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon cemented her earlier decision in December and made the injunction permanent against government intervention permanent, asking all federal agencies to spread the word that money to ACORN be allowed without delay.

The judge wrote that it was 'unmistakable that Congress determined ACORN's guilt before defunding it.' Congress may investigate ACORN but cannot 'rely on the negative results of a congressional or executive report as a rationale to impose a broad, punitive funding ban on a specific, named organization.'"

Did you see this rally that was 10 times larger than most TeaBagger orgies plastered all of the TV screens?

Of course you didn't.

Fuckin' liberal media sucks.

10,000 Turn Out In DC To Attack Insurance Co. Profits; Network News Ignores Them | Crooks and Liars:
"It got a brief mention on some of the cable channels, but the only major TV network that carried live coverage of this healthcare reform rally in D.C. yesterday was Fox - and then, only to ridicule it:"

My problem is we dirty fucking hippies said this would happen and to avoid bipartisanshit at all costs.

No body listens to the dirty fucking hippies... until it is too late.

Sanders: ‘One year later, the White House gets it’:

"Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday assailed the White House for purportedly wasting a year vying for Republican votes on health care reform, alleging that the protracted debate weakened the bill and damaged the party’s standing among progressives.

“We have wasted month after month negotiating with people who do not support serious reform,” he said at a progressive media summit on Capitol Hill. 'It's been a year now and I think the White House finally got that message.'"

Goddamn right. Labor Unions fucking rock and could be the only thing that saves this country.

Labor On Dems Who Block Health Reform: We'll 'Take Them Out'


So do you think it was the faux-pragmatic compromise Democratic monkeys that forced this or the fire breathing, hell raising, never compromise REAL Democrats that forced this?

Yeah, hell raisers. What I like to call a little Act-Right.

But this is GREAT if they actually do it and don't rig it. Later Baucus/Nelsons/Lieberman, you pieces of shit.

Democrats To Upend Seniority System In Senate: Brown:
"Senate Democrats intend to elect the chairs of committees when the next Congress convenes, which could upend a tradition that prioritizes seniority over party loyalty, legislative effectiveness or any other merit-based criteria.

During a question-and-answer session with progressive media, video blogger Mike Stark asked lawmakers why the Democratic caucus hasn't yanked Sen. Blanche Lincoln's chairmanship of the Agriculture Committee, considering her opposition to Democratic legislative efforts. In Arkansas, her gavel is a top selling point as she battles a progressive primary challenge.

'We're going to elect committee chairs next year,' said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). 'The current chairs that are sitting there now understand that we'll be electing chairs next year,' he added, saying the idea had been cleared with Senate leadership."

John Roberts is a partisan, Neo-Conservative asshole who shouldn't be anywhere near the Supreme Court.

The Very Troubling Partisanship of John Roberts | Crooks and Liars


Funny how balls sprout when you are in serious danger of getting your ass kicked back home in the next election.

Too little, too late Harry. I'll be glad to see you go.

Harry Reid Slams Supreme Court Justices John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy For Campaign Finance Decision:
"The president and his aides aren't the only Democrats throwing unusually sharp and public jabs at the conservative members of the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he was 'so disappointed' with the Court's swing vote -- Justice Anthony M. Kennedy -- for enabling the court's rightward, corporatist tilt. As for Chief Justice John Roberts, the majority leader castigated him as being out of touch and completely detached from political reality.

'Do you think John Roberts knows or cares how people get elected?' he said, referring to the role the chief justice played in crafting the court's Citizens United decision."

Drudge has always been a carrier of egg-born diseases.

Exclusive: Websites like Drudge can spread viruses, ‘non-partisan’ techie warned Senate | Raw Story:
"The Senate's environment committee has warned Capitol Hill staffers to avoid the Drudge Report and some other sites over suspicions of viruses, a spokesperson for the committee confirmed to Raw Story Tuesday.

The Drudge Report denied the allegations and mocked the committee in a prominently-featured story, but a CNET report on Tuesday notes that readers have complained about suspicious malware on the site today."

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