Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dead Wrong

Wrong. - Live From Hell's Kitchen:
"The extreme right record of utter and total failure to stop the march to progress is the reason we should not have to bear their craziness anymore. The record is numbingly clear: They were wrong about Social Security. They were wrong on integrating the military forces under President Truman. They were wrong about McCarthyism in the early 1950's. They were wrong about passing civil rights legislation in the 1960's. They were wrong on Medicare. They were wrong about women rights. They were wrong about 'trickle down economics.' They were wrong about tax breaks for the rich. They were wrong about the war in Iraq. They were wrong about climate change. They were wrong about LGBT rights and they are wrong about healthcare reform.

Can you imagine our world if they had been successful in stopping any of the forces for change above? We would have a world with our seniors poor and unable to have healthcare. We would have African-Americans unable to vote. We would see women relegated to being housewives and not leading our nation. All homosexuals would still be in the closet with many having lobotomies, committing suicide and being arrested. The world has become and is still becoming a better place because of progressive legislation and ignoring the calls, shouts and anger to protect the narrow-minded status quo."

New Rule for Assholes.

Bill Maher: New Rule: You Can't Use "There Will Be No Cooperation for the Rest of the Year" as a Threat If There Was No Cooperation in the First Half of the Year:
"And this, I believe, perfectly represents the attitude Democrats should now have in their dealings with the Republican Party: 'Shut the fuck up while I slap your face for making noise -- now pass a cap-and-trade law, you stupid bitch, and repeat after me: 'global warming is real!''

The Democrats need to push the rest of their agenda while their boot is on the neck of the greedy, poisonous old reptile. Who cares if a cap-and-trade bill isn't popular, neither was health care. Your poll numbers may have descended a bit, but so did your testicles.

So don't stop: we need to regulate the banks, we need to overhaul immigration, we need to end corporate welfare including at the Pentagon, we need to bring troops home from... everywhere, we need to end the drug war, and we need to put terrorists and other human rights violators on trial in civilian courts, starting with Dick Cheney."

Wait, what happened to the 'Give up freedoms for safety' crowd of the Bush years. I thought these folks hated terrorists. Now, they fully support terrorists? Now, they bash the FBI? Weren't they all We Love Police and Authority?


In the Wake of Arrests in Three States, Right-Wingers Rush to Defend Terror Suspects, Criticize FBI | Firedoglake


The word 'rage' is used an awful lot these days to describe a particular bat-shit insane segment of our public.

Rich nails it in this op-ed:

Op-Ed Columnist - The Rage Is Not About Health Care -

Obama's Recess Appointments: GOPers Raging Now, Welcomed Process Under Bush:
"Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) pronounced himself 'very disappointed' with the move, charging that it showed 'once again' that the Obama administration has 'little respect for the time honored constitutional roles and procedures of Congress.' The president's team had 'forced their will on the American people,' McCain fumed in a written statement.

Were these the words of a principled opponent of presidential recess appointments, or of a politician in a tough primary jumping at an opportunity to bash President Obama?

Well, here's how McCain reacted in 2005 when President Bush was considering a recess appointment for John Bolton, the controversial nominee to be United Nations ambassador: 'I would support it. It's the president's prerogative.'

Indeed, just a few years earlier, McCain had succeeded in a one-man crusade to persuade President Bush to install a favored nominee using a recess appointment. Here's how UPI described it in 2002:"

Please, do. Op the fuck out. No need to be counted at all.


2010 Census: Officials Worry Low Response Rate Is Form Of Anti-Government Protest:
"The stakes are high: census data is used to allocate billions in federal funds, divvy up new congressional districts, and assign Electoral College votes that determine a state's influence in presidential elections. Citing the Chronicle story on Monday, NBC's First Read asked, 'Could Republicans' anti-government sentiments end up costing them congressional seats after the Census?'"

Police: Drunk Pa. man tried to revive dead opossum


Most Incredible Mountain Bike Run EVER (VIDEO)


Hilarious. Dude should have led with Elvis THEN go to Jesus.

Just another day in North Alabama.

Suspect claimed to be Christ | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:

Reports indicate Timms did not have a weapon, but when approached by the homeowner he said he was Jesus Christ and was there to have sex with the man's wife and daughter.

After standing there for a few minutes, Timms then claimed to be Elvis Presley and pulled his pants down to this knees, according to reports.

Deputies said he did not pull his underwear down.


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