Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conservative' Judicial Activism

Well, howdy Mr. President! Keep up this kind of talk and translate it into action, and good things might happen.

Conservative-Activist judges are destroying this country one ruling at a time. They are not concerned with justice. The goal is to implement their ideology.

I harp on this book a lot, but read The Handmaid's Tale for conservative's vision for America.

Obama Supreme Court Warning: 'Conservative' Judicial Activism Is 'What You're Now Seeing':
"WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama, preparing to make his second nominee to the Supreme Court, warned Wednesday of a 'conservative' brand of judicial activism in which the courts are often not showing appropriate deference to the decision of lawmakers.

Obama made clear that his views on judicial restraint are not the only basis he will use in choosing his next nominee for the high court, a decision expected over the next few weeks.

But his comments underscore just how much he thinks courts are being vested with too much power and are overruling legislative will, a factor that will influence his nominee choice."
Case in point:

Supreme Court overturns objection to cross on public land


Maher's last line nails it to a T-bag:

Bill Maher Blasts Tea Baggers For Ignoring Defense Spending (VIDEO)



Have Conservatives Gone Mad? - Politics - The Atlantic:
"The issue, to put it in terms that even I can understand, because I didn't study philosophy much in college: has the conservative base gone mad?

This matters to journalists, because I really do want to take Republicans seriously. Mainstream conservative voices are embracing theories that are, to use Julian Sanchez's phrase, 'untethered' to the real world.

Can anyone deny that the most trenchant and effective criticism of President Obama today comes not from the right but from the left? Rachel Maddow's grilling of administration economic officials. Keith Olbermann's hectoring of Democratic leaders on the public option. Glenn Greenwald's criticisms of Elena Kagan. Ezra Klein and Jonathan Cohn's keepin'-them-honest perspectives on health care. The civil libertarian left on detainees and Gitmo. The Huffington Post on derivatives."

However.... to be all 'fair and balanced'.

Rendell: Democratic Party Is Soulless, 'Cowering Behind The Shower Curtains':
"'I don't think we have a battle for our soul -- I think we have lost our soul,' he said. 'We have been cowed into [sic] stop talking about the things that made us Democrats in the first place; that we believe the government can and should make a difference in people's lives; that we can protect the most vulnerable in our society; that we can, in fact, give opportunities to people who haven't had it. And that government can be an important catalyst -- they can't do it by itself -- but they can be a catalyst for growth.'

That's what we believe in. But [Republicans] have us cowering behind the shower curtains,' he concluded.

The Huffington Post approached Rendell after the affair and asked him to elaborate on what, exactly, he meant by saying the Democratic Party is soulless.

'We have been out-spun and we are scared,' he said. 'And when you are scared, you can do one of two things: you can circle the wagons and hide inside or under the wagon, or you can get out and fight for what you believe in. I think we are starting -- President Obama started when he went to the Republican caucus -- to fight back and for what we believe in. If we do that, I think our losses will be much less [in 2010] than what anybody suspects.'"

All of the Tea-bag cross burnings have effected the children in a drastic way. Won't someone PLEASE think about the children.

Indianola Testicle Attack? Teenagers Allegedly Hazed 14-Year-Old


This kinda smelled fishy when I posted it earlier. Lying: The Way of Corporate America.

GM's phony loan repayment | Video Cafe


Too cheap for whom? (I know, I know, but frack them).

Daily Kos: Wind's latest problem: it ... makes power too cheap:
"windmills (...) operators in Europe may have become their own worst enemy, reducing the total price paid for electricity in Germany, Europe’s biggest power market, by as much as 5 billion euros some years

The wind-energy boom in Europe and parts of Texas has begun to reduce bills for consumers.

Spanish power prices fell an annual 26 percent in the first quarter because of the surge in supplies from wind and hydroelectric production"

This came out of a discussion on the old Ninebullets board. Great read. We really haven't progressed that much in the good old U.S.A.:

The Hanging of Mary The Elephant | Blue Ridge Country


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