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DBT Week in Review - 4/30/10


3DD is the place to be... especially hit that front page before you mosey to the new and improved forums.


Gretsch Guitar Signed by all Members of DBT to be Auctioned - Drive-By Truckers's MySpace Blog |


Best review of the year and English is the writer's 2nd language AND this is the first time writer has seen the mighty DBT. American music 'writers' take note:

rockerparis: Drive-by Truckers @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal , Paris April 28th 8:00PM:
"Back at the famous Canal tv show L' Album de la Semaine to see , completely unknown over here, American band from Alabama ( and based in Georgia) Drive-By truckers."

Drive-By Truckers deliver big tales worth stopping for - Go! Magazine |
"Driven largely by the stirring writing of Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley, “The Big To-Do” is an album with evocative mini-narratives and tight yet unrestrained sound that grow more resonant by the listen, proving DBT the rare band that can string together 13 tracks without a single second of filler. One of the best records so far this year, it burnishes their reputation as first-rate rockers sensitive enough to color their songs with a cinematic brush."

Encore performance this weekend on your local PBS.

Austin City Limits - (3412) Drive-By Truckers / Ryan Bingham


Reel Fanatic: Atlanta Film Festival report No. 4: "The Secret to a Happy Ending" with the Drive-By Truckers




Wait for it....


Bettye LaVette

Great read but just a little bit more actual research needed. Not hard to do.

Bettye's new record is going to be the absolute tits, ya'll.

Leonce Gaiter: Bettye LaVette: The High Priestess of R&B, Too Long Ignored:
"Then someone comes along and reminds me of what we can do in other forms. Bettye LaVette has been around since she was a teenager in the early sixties, largely ignored. She never, as she put it, 'crossed over.' Opportunities were lost, missed, unrecognized or unfulfilled. Then, in 2005 she released 'I've Got My Own Hell to Raise.' The great Joe Henry produced. The songs came from a slew of fine female writers: Aimee Mann, Dolly Parton, Joan Armatrading, Lucinda Williams. Immediately, that voice slapped you. Unashamedly aged, rough, ragged and under absolute control. On the song 'Just Say So,' she proved that she could find depths of longing and desperation in a lyric that the songwriters probably didn't even know existed.

She then released the brilliant 'Scene of the Crime' with the Muscle Shoals rhythm section."

FREE MP3: Betty LaVette - "Salt of the Earth" :: Featured Videos :: Paste


ANTI- Bettye LaVette Invited By Robert Plan To Open On His July Tour:
"The stars are aligning for Bettye LaVette and the May 25 release of Interpretations: The British Rock Songboo, as Robert Plant has invited Bettye to open for his July tour. Bettye's 3rd album for Anti-, and the follow-up to her Grammy-nominated Scene of the Crime, is earning considerable praise from both the press and her artist peers, and she’s already booked for a performance on The Late Show with David Letterman for June 23.

The request to join the legendary Led Zeppelin vocalist on tour is not so much a notch in Bettye's belt as it is another link in the chain: Her latest work is an impassioned dissertation on the much-documented influence that American blues and soul had on British rock n' roll – but more than that, it's an exploration of how those echoes from a foreign shore in turn influenced and reshaped American blues and soul. Fittingly, Bettye’s rendition of the Led Zeppelin classic “All My Love,” will premiere exclusively on AOL’s “Spinner” April 27."


Get yo momma a present from Elliott this year.




Diabetic and sleeveless. Classic.

DUDE, DON’T DIE. | The People's Music:
"Bret seems like a nice guy and has always done what most any other average American guy would do given the opportunity and selection of cowboy hats. In fact, Bret is America. He’s diabetic, sleeveless, and just trying to get back to his success from the 80’s. Bret Michaels is Mr. America, which is all the more reason he cannot die while under contract with Donald Trump."

Justin Townes Earle live at The Guest Apartment on Baeblemusic


OK, I'm ready to take you on now... what, you're quitting?

A-ha Breaking Up After Three Decades Together |
"A-ha are ending their 30-year run.

The '80s band, who gave us the memorable video for their greatest hit 'Take on Me,' have decided to call it quits, reports.

Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy will tour one last time together this year, but it will be their last."

Pitchfork: Record Store Day Sets, Uh, Records:
"Billboard reports that according to Nielsen Soundscan, this year's Record Store Day marked the biggest single day for vinyl sales in the history of Soundscan, which started counting things in 1991. According to Billboard, RSD's co-founder, the Music Monitor Network's Michael Kurtz, also reports that stores including New York City's Other Music, Seattle's Sonic Boom, and New Jersey's Vintage Vinyl, had their most successful days ever. And sales were up all across the board.

Good work, people."


Went to high school with Dale. Yet to get my hands on any of his brew.

50 Beers to Try Before You Die - The Early Show - CBS News:
"Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale - $9 (6-pack cans)
Packed with tons of citrus from a heavy dose of American hops, this is the quintessential stateside IPA. Like most pale ales, it's on the hoppier side-which means its slightly bitter and sour. You know hops when you taste em. However, it's not as hoppy as a IPA (Indian Pale Ale). And we really like the can, which makes it easily transportable, great to bring to a picnic or barbecue or the beach. Technically speaking, beer lasts longer in a can because no light is allowed in."

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