Friday, April 23, 2010

DBT Week in Review - 4/23/10


Drive-By Truckers miss their last exit, have a 'Happy Ending' -
"'When we go to see the Truckers play, we wear diapers so we don't have to go to the bathroom,' declares a young female fan early on in The Secret to a Happy Ending, a documentary about Southern rock band the Drive-By Truckers.

Similar devotion to the Athens, Ga.-based Truckers led Washington, D.C.-area filmmaker Barr Weissman to spend nearly six years making what he calls 'a love letter to rock 'n' roll.'"

Vic Chesnutt, Alex Chilton, And The Big To-Do: An Interview with Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers: The Q: GQ


Amazing picture. Tells the tale of the times of this glorious band.

Drive-By Truckers Crash Rec Store Day! on Blurt Online

some thoughts from the crowd while we wait for the Drive-By Truckers to stage., some thoughts from the crowd while we wait for the Drive-By Truckers to sta...


Music review: Drive-By Truckers April 9 show in Chicago -

Drive-By at House of Blues- Roving Festival Writer, LLC |

Drive By Truckers Live at The Norva - Norfolk, VA 4/15/2010 | Merchants Of Rock


Love this:

The Drive-By Truckers' Union Roots | Teamster Magazine:
"Did you grow up in a union home (or ever belong to a union yourself), or was work an important part of your upbringing?

MC: My dad was a Teamster for a few years. He drove dump trucks, hauling asphalt and gravel.

PH: My dad and I have both been members of the musicians union. My dad has been there for over 40 years. I was also partly raised by my great uncle who was a Teamster. He drove trucks for International Harvester from 1946 through 1976. I have very strong working-class roots, even though my dad is a lifelong musician. He was always more on the working man’s end of al of that (being a session musician)."



Come with the new record, already!

Lauderdale Live at Pegasus Records, Tapes & CDs on 2010-04-17 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive




"Three years ago, Troy Gentry pled guilty to shooting a domesticated, caged bear named “Cubby.” This year the ACM gave Montgomery Gentry their humanitarian award. As horrible as that may be, it still shows more integrity than giving them an award for their music."

I agree:

SFGate: Daily Dish : Russell Brand: How to weed out teenyboppers from music


America's 15 Best Indie Record Stores | Spin Magazine Online:

6400 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, 1855 Haight Street in San Francisco, and 2455 Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California"

Measuring Success By Fan Passion, Not Billboard Chart Position | Techdirt:
"For a long time now, we've chosen to measure their success in the fans' passion for the music rather than Billboard chart positions.

RIP, Alicia.

Writer Alicia Parlette, who moved many readers with 'Alicia's Story,' dies



grumbine said...

damn, "Birthday Boy" sounds amazing acoustic. I had no idea that song could get any better.

masterymistery said...

i empathise with the diaper thing, though I've never experienced it for myslef...

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

Anonymous said...

Hey J! You get that recording?

Jez said...

Not sure if you can call Neko Case beautiful, but I do like so much how she is aging.

AAW said...

Anon: Hank? Did you get the email I sent you? Yup, got the recording and it is grand. Gracias!

Jez, PG, MM: Y'all are a bunch of heathens... That's all I got on this brain foggy Saturday morning.... heathens in the best of ways, of course.

Curt Wynn said...

Thanks for the shout on our post for the Norva show. Great site you've got here. Until next time......

AAW said...

My pleasure, Curt. Thanks for dropping by.