Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Not of this earth, but that which makes it all possible. Amazing images:

Burning Beauty: A New Look at the Sun


Of this Earth and spectacular volcano lightning.

Iceland volcano erupts - Yahoo! News Photos


Most effective use of Earth's gravity by a human doing (even though insanity ensues)

That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stranger - New York Times:
"‘‘He pushes himself into madness,’’ says Tomaz Kovsca, a journalist for Slovene television. ‘‘He pushes too far.’’ Rajko Petek, a 35-year-old fellow soldier and friend who is on Robic’s support crew, says: ‘‘What Jure does is frightening. Sometimes during races he gets off his bike and walks toward us in the follow car, very angry.’’

What do you do then?

Petek glances carefully at Robic, standing a few yards off. ‘‘We lock the doors,’’ he whispers."

When gravity is not quite gone, but, rather, decides to frack with you. (The grass on that patch of earth is really nice, dude. Forget them sandles and just sway with the rotation).

There but for the grace of not having a VIP ticket go I.


People that make living on this dirtball endurable:

We survived Bush. You’ll survive Obama. � Margaret and Helen:

"Margaret, please tell Howard that I love him because he loves you. But that is about all the reaching across the aisle that I can handle. A few years back, millions of people across this nation and across the globe marched for peace. George Bush ignored us and we had to endure his lazy ass being in the White House for eight years.

So now a black man named Barack Obama, elected by the will of the people, has decided to fight for the poor, and work for world peace… and a bunch of white guys who think Fox really is News just can’t stand it.

Well, they can kiss my ass because I am tired of their belly aching."

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