Monday, May 03, 2010

And I'm Praying for You Too.

I hope President Obama learned the lesson that policy decisions should be based on merit, not politics. He's going to have to eat this one, big time. AND, we dirty hippies called 'bullshit' when he made this proclamation and included opening up new territory for drilling in the energy plan.

Yes, technology is advanced.... in other countries. Why not here in the U.S.?.....

Wonk Room � Citing Katrina Myth, Obama Claimed ‘Oil Rigs Today Don’t Generally Cause Spills’:
"I don’t agree with the notion that we shouldn’t do anything. It turns out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills. They are technologically very advanced."
....Here's why. Shocking, I know. We'll be paying for the Bush/Cheney years for decades to come. Thus, the reason why Obama needs to stop splitting babies and push as hard as he can for tranformative, progressive policies. No. More. Bipartisanship. Bullshit.

Daily Kos: BP Oil Platform Spill Disaster is CHENEY'S Fault:
"Mike Papantonio, an environmental lawyer on the Ed Show just now: An 'acoustic switch' would have prevented this catastrophe - it's a failsafe that shuts the flow of oil off at the source - they cost only about half a million dollars each, and are required in off-shore drilling platforms in most of the world...except for the United States. This was one of the new deregulations devised by Dick Cheney during his secret meetings with the oil industry at the beginning of Bush's first term."

Yup. Palast does a great job. I think it is called 'journalism'.

Greg Palast � Behind the Arizona Immigration Law:GOP Game to Swipe the November Election:
"What moved GOP Governor Jan Brewer to sign the Soviet-style show-me-your-papers law is the exploding number of legal Hispanics, US citizens all, who are daring to vote -- and daring to vote Democratic by more than two-to-one. Unless this demographic locomotive is halted, Arizona Republicans know their party will soon be electoral toast. Or, if you like, tortillas.

In 2008, working for Rolling Stone with civil rights attorney Bobby Kennedy, our team flew to Arizona to investigate what smelled like an electoral pogrom against Chicano voters ... directed by one Jan Brewer."

It works....

Local businesses already feeling financial fallout of SB 1070 | Phoenix News | Arizona News | | Home:
"Some local businesses are already feeling the financial fallout. The Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association say 19 meeting have been cancelled because of Senate Bill 1070.

These groups represent an economic impact of $6 million to the state.

Ben Bethel says, “It's been a very quick swift action like I've never seen before.”"
What do the crazies do in response? Double-down!

Think Progress � Arizona Expands Its Discrimination: Teachers With Heavy Accents Can’t Teach English, Ethnic Studies Are Banned

Here's that list. Use it:

Arizona Boycott | Boycotting Arizona Companies


I wouldn't let my child near this sick, twisted fuck of a person. I recently went through my Facebook friend list and blocked anyone who joined the 'Pray for Obama's death' group. Found three booger eaters from Alabama who got the boot.

I want those folks to know that I'm praying for them in the same manner they are praying for Obama.

Principal: Anti-Obama Facebook group 'a joke' | Concord Monitor


Geek in Chief made a social media funny:

White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Obama on “Socialized Media” [VIDEO]:
"Social media earned a mention in the annual White House Correspondents Dinner tonight, with President Obama quipping, ‘But even though the mainstream press gives me a hard time, I hear that I’m still pretty big on Twitter, Facebook … or as Sarah Palin calls it, the socialized media.’ [1:25 in the second clip below]"


Anonymous said...

Hey J -

"I recently went through my Facebook friend list and blocked anyone who joined the 'Pray for Obama's death' group."

Please tell me how to do this - you know I'm severely challenged when it comes to technology...

I've already had to block a high school friend over the oil spill this weekend. Need to narrow down my own friend list.



Jez said...

I think one way you can do it is to actually go to the group in question. On the left side of the group, below all the basic info, you will see a section where it will show your friends who belong to the group.

I would be careful, only in that I've joined groups with viewpoints counter to mine only to sling mud on their pages. So if your best friend who is like-minded is on the page, you might want to ask him/her about it before nixing them.