Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't Give a Rip

Surely you've seen the original by now (I ain't linking to it). Here's the hilarious spoof of the Alabama Jack Ass.

Gonna get uglier and uglier

Heavy oil hits Louisiana shore - Yahoo! News:

Who knew? Promising, though. Why weren't we doing this sooner?

Daily Kos: Waterworld Star Might Rescue The Gulf w/Update


Thank a Democrat for 'common sense'.

Think Progress � Citing ‘Common Sense,’ Tennessee Governor Vetoes ‘Guns In Bars’ Bill


Once upon a time my granddad was friends with Chi Chi. Played golf with him in PR. Use to get xmas cards from him and his wife. Hope both are doing well after this nasty scare.

Chi Chi Rodriguez robbed at home in Puerto Rico


I would have thought the exchange rate to be a bit higher.

Mass. Man Accused of Trying to Swap Baby for Beers -


'Cause your a LIAR.

The Mommy Files : Kids who lie more likely to succeed later in life


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Clearly a baby is worth at least a six pack. At the very least this guy is guilty of being a poor negotiator. Personally, I would have held out to see what Angelina Jolie would give for the kid.