Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long Conversation


Alabama Teacher Gives Geometry Lesson Using Assassination As Example | TPM LiveWire:
"A student in the class described the lesson: 'He was talking about angles and said, 'If you're in this building, you would need to take this angle to shoot the president.''

The district superintendent told the News that the unnamed teacher will not be disciplined."
...'will not be disciplined'.

Oh, Alabama. The digital age, you just don't get.

You are being watched.

Legal Schnauzer: Anti-Obama Teacher Is Placed on Administrative Leave in Alabama:
"An Alabama teacher who used the assassination of President Obama as an example in a high-school geometry class has been placed on administrative leave.

Gregory Harrison is on paid leave and faces possible termination, Jefferson County School Superintendent Phil Hammonds said. Hammonds originally said Harrison would not be fired and would face no disciplinary action other than a 'long conversation.'

Hammonds apparently changed his mind after phone calls flooded his office yesterday, coming from as far away as New York, California, and Wisconsin."
Changed his mind, indeed.


Later fake Dem Specter.

Joe Sestak: Pennsylvania Senate 2010 Election BREAKING News


Wow! Drudgico using 'GOP' and 'Failure' in the same headline.

Somebody is getting fired.... or will have to apologize to Rush.

The GOP's special failure - Jonathan Martin and Charles Mahtesian -
"All the evidence pointing to monster Republican House gains this fall—the Scott Brown upset win in Massachusetts, the scary polling numbers in once-safely Democratic districts, the ever-rising number of Democratic seats thought to be in jeopardy—was contradicted Tuesday.

In the only House race that really mattered to both parties—the special election to replace the late Democratic Rep. John Murtha in Pennsylvania’s 12th District—Republicans failed spectacularly, losing on a level playing field where, in this favorable environment, they should have run roughshod over the opposition."

Like the sound of this:

Kagan: In Bush v. Gore, Court Was Affected By Politics And Policy


Irony is so totally lost on these people.

Don’t shoot: NRA bans guns from its annual meeting | Raw Story


Nothing to see here folks.... except the slow decimation of an entire way of life.

Tar balls found along shore in Key West - Gulf Oil Spill -


At least somebody is doing some good in our waters.

Whales, oceans, wildlife rescue: Gray whale is freed from web of nets, swims off -


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