Thursday, June 10, 2010


Seriously thought about leaving a link up to this site for an entire week as my blog post.

It is funny and true. But the truth of it makes it also sad. Very, very sad. But hilarious!

THINGS REPUBLICANS HATE | A place where Republicans can bond.:
"America is a free country. This doesn’t refer to its citizens exclusively, it also includes the nation as a whole. Europeans (Queers), Asians (Chinese) and the rest of the world (losers) are devoted to making certain concepts universal. As Americans, we shun that idea. We’re going to do whatever we want and the rest of the world can deal with it."
THINGS REPUBLICANS HATE | A place where Republicans can bond.:
"Conservatives and Liberals are often at odds concerning past events and their accuracy. For instance, Liberals think that Bill Clinton was a successful president. Bill Clinton cheated on his wife and he is fat, so that cancels everything else out. As we go further back in time, liberal ideas become more outrageous."

Damn right, Labor.

It really sucks that Obama and his asshole lackeys hate the Democratic base so much.

Messina and Rahm need to go.... soon. Very soon.

So sick of electing Republican Lite.

AFL-CIO: "Labor isn’t an arm of the Democratic Party"; �SEIU: No Support for Blanche


Of course they are.

Class action lawsuit: Retailers selling gas hotter than 60 degrees rip off consumers | Raw Story


There's been a ban in San Francisco proper for a couple of years now. Coming to your state in the near future, rest-of-America.

Daily Kos: Bye Bye Plastic Bags:
"The California Assembly voted 41 to 27 to ban single-use plastic grocery bags, and the bill is expected to pass the senate and get signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger. Should it pass, you'll have to bring reusable bags to the store or pay at least 5 cents apiece for recycled paper bags when getting your goods bagged."

I'd be better off too if'n I gots to see two chicks kiss every day. I'll be here all week. Thank you. Thank you ladies and germs.

The Mommy Files : Study: Children of lesbian couples better off


Bubbles. Just say the word. It'll make you smile.

Scientists hit on universal theory of bubbles | Raw Story:
"In order to minimise surface area, he explained, a bubble forms an almost perfect hemisphere when it is in contact with a solid or liquid surface. When it pops, a two step process unfolds, creating a ring of smaller bubbles.

Until now, the exactly how that happened was not understood."

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