Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I'm trapped between this....

Be Grateful for President Obama – Lenny Kates – Pittsfield Massachusetts – Failure magazine

...and this:

Daily Kos: CLAP LOUDER or Tinkerbell WILL DIE and Obama's approval rating will drop


The military can no longer be some sacred cow. I support troops/boots on the ground, but the military industrial complex has been raping this country for too many years. Teat needs to be cut and military leadership needs to be put into their proper place.

The American Military Fetish


Would have never seen this coming. Can we just go ahead and admit to ourselves that BP will be let off the hook and no body will be prosecuted.

We simply don't do accountability in the United States.

AP IMPACT: Many Gulf federal judges have oil links - Yahoo! News


I've done 32(US). I've always thought about doing 31.... hmmm.

World's Best Places to Live - Yahoo! Real Estate:
"European cities take seven of the top 10 spots for quality of life, thanks to their relative safety, political stability and cultural offerings. As for the U.S., Honolulu, at No. 31, has the best quality-of-life record and the continental U.S. makes its first appearance on the list at 32, with San Francisco tying Adelaide, Australia. Boston came in at No. 37, Chicago and Washington, D.C. tied for 45th place, and New York ranked 49. Philadelphia and Dallas were ranked for the first time this year, landing spots 55 and 61 on the list, respectively."

As a diver, this is amazing. I could watch this all day:

Guillaume Nery Base Jumping UNDERWATER At Dean's Blue Hole (VIDEO)



Anonymous said...

not one breathe or equalization...goodness, halfway through I was thinking is this guy Aquaman?

S said...

Yeah, that is pretty amazing to watch. Good music, too.

JPW said...

That he crawled back up the side was pretty cool too.

S said...

The crawling up the side was my favourite part!

Anonymous said...

That was my favourite part!

s said...

I accidentally posted that twice. Stupid computers.