Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Executing Acorn

A public execution of an innocent organization that helps the poor. Republicans and Democrats both complicit in the murder.

And nobody gives a damn.

Exclusive: ACORN leader says critics mounted ‘McCarthy-era war against the poor’ after report clears organization of wrongdoing:
"“This was a McCarthy-era style war against the poor and minorities, nothing more,” the group's former leader told Raw Story.

“This proves the right will resort to anything to maintain power to continue the war on poor black and brown people,” she added."

Congressional report clears ACORN of wrongdoing — after group forced to disband:
The report found no evidence of fraud, lax oversight or misuse of federal funds."

Daily Kos: Reagan Revolution Home To Roost -- In Charts


Take off the oxy...

Sam Bennett: The Oxymoron of the Sarah Palin "Conservative Feminism" Brand:
"Sarah Palin calling herself a conservative feminist is like BP calling themselves a corporate environmentalist. You don't get to just pick up that word and use it the way you want it.

I think we can all agree that feminism is about equality. Where we disagree is whether or not 'equality' extends to all aspects of a woman's life—including reproductive health choices.

To me and the many other women's rights activists who have spoken out on this subject, claiming to support equality for women—without trusting them to make the most important and personal life decisions—is both absurd and insulting."

Stupid reality.

Rand Paul's ideas crash into reality - Editorial - Kentucky.com: "
There's the time that Paul, an eye doctor, wanted board certification but didn't like the new rules for earning it. So he created his own medical board. He's now certified by the National Board of Ophthalmology of which he's president, his wife is vice president and his father-in-law is secretary.

At the the junction of principle and pragmatism, Paul denounces big government and its costs and intrusiveness, but depends on the little things that big government does for him. Paul's campaign told reporter John Cheves that about half of his medical income comes from payments by Medicaid and Medicare, entitlement programs for the elderly, poor and disabled."

Mean people asking questions and shit.

GOP Shields Angle And Paul To Avoid Making Them Face Of '10 | TPMDC:
"It's no accident or coincidence that Republicans in Washington are trying to shield Senate candidates Rand Paul and Sharron Angle from the national, and even local, press.

Remember the GOP establishment didn't want these far-right, insurgent candidates in the first place, and now Republicans fear that in the year of the tea party, Paul and Angle could become the face of the party for the midterm elections. That could present an image to voters that screams radical more than it does electable."

Nice. Entitled assholes.

Billionaire Bad Boys Club: Meg Whitman's Son's Arrest for Beating Up a Girl


Mighty white of them. Just now? Just getting around to this now?!?

Congressional leadership to acknowledge role of slave labor in Capitol construction - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room


The Shortest Possible Game of Monopoly: 21 Seconds � scatterplot


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