Friday, June 18, 2010

DBT Week in Review - 6/18/2010


Webisode 7 from The Big To-Do - Santa Fe:


Fri., June 18: Drive-By Truckers fans give 'Big To-Do' a big thumbs-up at | Tune In Music City:
"We’re hearing that folks are seeing the Drive-By Truckers’ new The Big To-Do — packed with speedy, cut-the-crud anthems such as 'This (expletive)-ing Job' — as the easiest access point yet for listeners unfamiliar with the Athens, Ga., band.

It’s weird to think of the Truckers cutting a more “accessible” album, considering they’re already one of the most universally appealing indie acts playing today, with a fanbase spanning from hipsters to bikers to the AARP."

Previously posted, but popped back on the radar recently.

21 Songs of 21st Century Politics


DBT performs Daddy's Little Pumpkin

First Listen: 'Broken Hearts And Dirty Windows: Songs Of John Prine' : NPR:


These fellers do a nice job with My Sweet Annette



Everyone’s Real Family is Music: Interview with Joey Kneiser of Glossary | The Owl Mag:
"It was just a matter of making a living. There weren’t too many choices.”

In this moment, Joey Kneiser is telling a tale of his father. A “one armed con man,” as Kneiser calls him, he was forced into choices in life by infirmity and circumstance. Ironically, the story and its details could just as easily be used to describe Kneiser himself. The front man of Murfreesboro, Tennessee band, and Glossary, is taking this, the release of the band’s sixth record Feral Fire as an opportunity to share a little bit more than usual about his upbringing and his love for his rock and roll family."


Death and Taxes � The FBI’s Greatest Hits: Inside 10 Musical Cases

Legendary P-Funk guitarist Garry Shider dies at 56

Scientists Study Ozzy Osbourne's Blood To Understand Why He's Still Alive Despite Drug Abuse (VIDEO):
"According to CBS News, Ozzy Osbourne may help scientists understand how some people's bodies can endure 'excessive substance abuse.'

Osbourne, the former frontman for Black Sabbath and a notorious partier, will allow scientists to study his blood.

The Prince of Darkness, 61, battled alcohol and drug addictions for forty years and calls himself a 'medical miracle.'"

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