Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Space City Round-up

Are we witnessing the fall or Rome part deux? Some say 'yes'. (I SO could write copy for FAUX News).

Op-Ed Columnist - Our Epic Foolishness - NYTimes.com:
"If a bank is too big to fail, it’s way too big to exist. If an oil well is too far beneath the sea to be plugged when something goes wrong, it’s too deep to be drilled in the first place.

When are we going to stop behaving so stupidly? We nearly wrecked the economy and we’re all but buried in debt. But we can’t break up the biggest banks, and we can’t raise taxes. Now we’re fouling the magnificent Gulf of Mexico and ruining entire communities along the southern Louisiana Coast."

Double, triple, quadruple down. Whatever it takes. It is the ONLY force of potential good in this game.

The Plum Line - Obama doubles down on gov't as force for good


Because they are a bunch of assholes is why. Weren't brought up right. Everything given too them. Always got a trophy. Never had to solve any of their own problems. Wore a fucking helmet to jump on the trampoline. Bunch of assholes.

Today's College Students Lack Empathy - Yahoo! News


Space City Round-up.

The mission to Mars that will never leave Earth - Science, News - The Independent

Aliens Found In Ohio? The Wow! Signal : NPR

Do aliens live on a Saturn moon? | Mail Online


And just to make sure it doesn't get too classy around this joint:

This takes skill:


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