Friday, July 30, 2010

DBT Week in Review - 7/30/10


For 3 Grand! Now online:

Adult Swim Video : Squidbillies : America: Why I Love Her




Rick Kurtz Benefit Concert


Homedrone: American Girl Summer: Part 2 - Flagpole Magazine: Colorbearer of Athens, GA:
"After the 4th of July break (and a one-off for us in Oxford, ME) we reconvened in Noblesville, IN (the amphitheatre formerly known as Deer Creek, outside of Indianapolis. Again, we routed ourselves out, stopping on the way to play a festival in Louisville, KY. The Forcastle Festival is an annual thing there. I think we played it ourselves back in 2002. This time Widespread Panic was headlining our night, and it was good to run into those fine chaps backstage."

Drive-By Truckers Live at 9:30 Club on 2010-07-23 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

We Love Music (and Photos): Drive-By Truckers at 9:30 Club � We Love DC:
"Around 10:00 Friday night, Drive-By Truckers strolled out onto the 9:30 Club stage. Singer Patterson Hood raised his arms, puffed out his chest, and screamed: “Goddammit, I feel GOOD.” By 1 a.m., Hood and his fans were drenched in sweat twice over, the band was wrapping up a raucous cover of punk hero Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died,” and “good” had become an understatement of epic proportions for the way the night felt."

Hickory Wind | Drive-By Truckers@9:30 Club

Muzzle of Bees � Review: Drive-By Truckers – 9:30 Club


Drive-By Truckers bring Southern sounds to Riverbend | | Cincinnati.Com

Tom Petty mixes old and new | | Cincinnati.Com


DBT shout-out in the Greensboro, NC (Yum-Yum hot dogs, bitches) Amelia's Mechanics song John Cash Jeans. Debut album produced by Papa Avett.


American Songspace | Song Profile | Amelia's Mechanics | John Cash Jeans:
"Drive by truckers on a highway scream Adjust yourself in the driver’s seat Not tired not awake just somewhere in between"
Amelia’s Mechanics on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Lovin' the band that will be opening for DBT in the UK. Great stuff.

Danny and the Champions of the World | New album "Streets Of Our Time" out now!


A few years back KoL bitched about DBT getting more press than they did. Wish I could dig that one up.

See what happens when you go to the crossroads and sell that soul for a hit song. Devil shits in that mouth.

Pigeons Force Kings of Leon to Stop Show | The Silver Tongue





Peter Grumbine said...

damn, Danny and the Champions are badass. Love me some British Country.

JPW said...

Peter Grumbine?! Who is this "Peter Grumbine" that is commenting on my blog?!?

Peter Grumbine said...

I'm posting from beyond the grave. Trying to Jesus my way back to Earth.

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Stay where you are, PG. Things are pretty fucked up down here.