Monday, August 02, 2010

Build the Big F****n' Thing!

Government is about the only entity left in the U.S. that CAN create jobs. Corporate America could give a rats ass about creating American jobs.

Thus, we should go big with a public works campaign and....

Build the Big F****n' Thing!


We're doing it here in NorCal, even though we imported most of the steel from China (reformatting your resume in Mandarin is a bitch, btw).

Piece of new Bay Bridge tower to go up:
"Crews are scheduled to install the 165-foot, 12,000-ton piece, known as a lift, Wednesday afternoon. The massive piece arrived in the Bay Area from China earlier this month.

It is one of five pieces that will make up the first section of the 525-foot tower, which will be the centerpiece of the new, seismically safe, $6.2 billion eastern span."

And we roll with our own renewable energy plans, feds be damned.

Sonoma County resists feds on home energy loans


And it is not like this country isn't looking like some Appalachian, backwoods shack that one strong wind can take out....

Dam fails in eastern Iowa, causing massive flooding -

Oil pipeline leak pollutes major Michigan river | Raw Story

Oil spewing from well near La. marsh - U.S. news - Environment -

Officials detail how Tempe Town Lake dam will be repaired

So, stimulate and stimulate BIG, Obama or go home.


Speaking of hell... I mean, Phoenix... You reap what you sow....

Fleeing Phoenix out of fear of immigration law - Los Angeles Times:
"Reporting from Phoenix — Every time a customer buys some of the large fabric tote bags from the Dollar Store at 43rd Avenue and Thomas Road, Najmuddin Katchi sees another piece of his business vanish.

The purchase of the briefcase-sized shoulder bags means that another one of Katchi's customers, mostly Latino immigrants, is packing to leave the state before what is touted as the nation's toughest law against illegal immigrants takes effect July 29."

Very cool, but you'd be forced to utilize their email program, I bet.


So awesome.

Flying giants: Incredibly rare display as manta rays leap 3ft out of water into the air | Mail Online


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