Monday, August 09, 2010

Fighters Fighting

The guy on the right (like I need to point his out) should have a statue erected in his honor.

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This is what I want everyday from every elected Dem. Kick their asses:


My Kind of Democrat | Talking Points Memo:
"Too many progressives seem to want to sit on the sidelines until someone, a Marquess of Queensberry, comes along and changes the rules of the game to make it more civilized. What they don't seem to grasp is that democratic politics are the Queensberry rules. They replaced mob rule. The fractiousness, unpredictability, and feralness of politics are vestiges that remind us of what the real alternatives to democracy are. The real alternative is not a debating club and smoking jackets.

What I like about Weiner, or at least what I see of him in public, is that he's in the game. He doesn't hold himself above it or outside of it. He's in there. He's fighting. A good lesson for Democrats: If you're actually in there fighting, you don't have to worry about 'projecting' to voters that you're a fighter."

Probably the best Senator we have. Al Franken.

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Al Franken for Senate | Join Al Franken - add your name to save Net Neutrality from the corporate takeover of media


The only news show worth watching.

Rachel Maddow: Fox News 'Slimeballs,' CNN 'Not Really Trying' (VIDEO)

Daily Kos: Why Rachel Maddow Scares Them: O'Reilly Bites Back on Race Baiting


The herd will not be culled enough, I fear.

Waxman sees bright side to Nov: 'Difficult' Dems won't be back -


Uh... this is a contest? Brutal pictures involved.

World Sauna Championships Finalist Vladimir Ladyzhensky DIES At Event (PHOTOS)


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