Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Obama: Those who disagree with me are not Real Americans

Thought about a good friend, yesterday who I haven't spoken with in a long time. Looked him up on Facebook to no avail. Then, I searched the web and found that my friend died of a heart attack in October, 2008. Last time we emailed was December 2007. I went back and read all of our past email exchanges.

You were a good guy and a good boss at Kenan Auditorium, Curt Allen-Little. Rest in Peace.


I actually had a little something nice to say about Obama today until his Administration claimed that I'm not a Real American (Palin's term, mind you. One that she had to apologize for).

Fuck you, Gibbs and Obama. Your work HAS been shit and consider me one of these made-the-fuck-up Professional Leftists.

Democrats, you are on your own in November. Hands are washed.

Shorter, petulant Gibbs: Clap louder, assholes.

White House unloads anger over criticism from 'professional left’ - TheHill.com


AMERICAblog News: Gibbs: People who are upset with Obama don't live in real America, didn't help get Obama elected:
"Let's put aside for a moment Gibb's adoption of a really nasty, and un-American, Sarah Palin talking point in order to smear the Democratic base (has it really come that?). (And heck, even Palin apologized for using that smear.) Let's look instead at the substance of the smear. Gibbs is now claiming, on behalf of the White House, that anyone who is upset with the way President Obama is handling his job clearly did not organize, campaign, or raise money for candidate Obama back in 2008.

Really? That's the latest White House response to Obama voters who are sincerely concerned about the direction this White House is taking on so many issues. To smear everyone and suggest that they didn't lift a finger to get the President elected? Seriously?"

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