Monday, August 16, 2010

Spicy Cat

I've got jack in my que since I took a brief hiatus to beautiful Tahoe.

I looked for Fredo b/c I stayed but a few miles from the boat dock in GF2. Didn't find him.

The Tahoe Pentathlon:

Mountain Bike
Kayak the lake
Grill assorted meats.

Thanks, Tac! Much needed.

I left my phone ringer off the entire time and I stayed off the computer mostly.

I really, really need to this more often.

So, n-e-wayz....

Consistently inconsistent.

These people are idiots:

Tea Partiers Say Net Neutrality Hurts Freedom | TPMDC:
"The tea party, a movement whose success on the grassroots level is in many ways attributable to the power of free and open Internet communications, is joining the growing conservative crusade against the FCC's plan to enforce net neutrality on internet service providers. According to one tea partier involved in the effort, the movement is opposing net neutrality because 'it's an affront to free speech and free markets.'"

Well, then...

Docs discover sprouting pea in Mass. man's lung:
"Doctors say they have found a pea sprouting in the lung of a 75-year-old Massachusetts man."

Traffic stop saves cat from owner’s plate - The Buffalo News:
"The cat, according to police, was in a cage “marinating” in a mixture of crushed red peppers, chili pepper, salt and oil."

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