Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swim, Eat, Pray You Don't Get Cancer... or Old.

Remember when the air at ground zero was deemed safe to breathe by the government in 2001. Notice all of the cancers and deaths occurring from ground zero workers now.

The government lied then and the government is lying now.

You are fucking crazy if you consume any gulf food for the next 100 years.

Sad day when you realize the black Democrat you supported is just as craven as the white Republican you hated.

Instead of splashing around in the gulf and eating its food for a couple of days, maybe Obama should go all in and move down to the gulf and feed his children gulf sea food everyday for the next 10 years. Let's see how that works out for him. Maybe then he can petition the government for help and have the Republicans that he's enabled prevent passage of any type of bill that might help the various cancers growing in his family members.

Spike Lee: US government lying about oil spill cleanup | Raw Story:
"Filmmaker Spike Lee is calling a 'lie' a U.S. government report that 75 percent of the spilled Gulf Coast oil is gone."

Louisiana Fishermen Slam Claims that Oil Almost Gone, Seafood Safe |
'The last thing I want to do is scare anyone away from the seafood down here,' said Dawn Nunez, standing at the counter of the shrimp wholesale business and deli she owns in the tiny fishing town of Hopedale. 'But if I’m not eating it or feeding it to my children, I can’t advise anyone else to eat it either.'

On their dock across the street, Dawn's husband Marty Nunez pulls a clump of oil-ridden marsh grass out of a plastic bag."

Think Progress � DOJ gags scientists studying BP disaster.:
"In an explosive first-hand account, ecosystem biologist Linda Hooper-Bui describes how Obama administration and BP lawyers are making independent scientific analysis of the Gulf region an impossibility. Hooper-Bui has found that only scientists who are part of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) process to determine BP’s civil liability get full access to contaminated sites and research data. Pete Tuttle, USFWS environmental contaminant specialist and Department of Interior NRDA coordinator, admitted to The Scientist that “researchers wishing to formally participate in NRDA must sign a contract that includes a confidentiality agreement” that “prevents signees from releasing information from studies and findings until authorized by the Department of Justice at some later and unspecified date.” Hooper-Bui writes:"

Scientists Find Evidence That Oil And Dispersant Mix Is Making Its Way Into The Foodchain:
"Scientists have found signs of an oil-and-dispersant mix under the shells of tiny blue crab larvae in the Gulf of Mexico, the first clear indication that the unprecedented use of dispersants in the BP oil spill has broken up the oil into toxic droplets so tiny that they can easily enter the foodchain."

Scientists say up to 79% of oil remains in Gulf | Raw Story:
"A group of scientists have found that up to 79% of the oil in the Gulf of Mexico may still remain, contradicting earlier findings by a U.S. government study that found nearly 75% of the oil had dissipated.

Although the new estimate is based on the same data used by the U.S. government's study, the researchers came to radically different conclusions."

Crabs provide evidence oil tainting Gulf food web | Raw Story:

'It would suggest the oil has reached a position where it can start moving up the food chain instead of just hanging in the water,' said Bob Thomas, a biologist at Loyola University in New Orleans. 'Something likely will eat those oiled larvae ... and then that animal will be eaten by something bigger and so on.'"

Scientists: BP dispersants have made spill more toxic | Video Cafe:
"Last week, a group of independent scientists called for an 'immediate halt' to the use of dispersants. In what was called a 'consensus statement,' they warned that dispersants pose 'grave risks to marine life and human health.'"

He doesn't listen to Democrats, duh.

NYT: Democrats in Congress should remind Obama of his campaign promises | Raw Story:
"'President Obama campaigned for office on an explicit promise to rein in these abuses,' the Times notes, citing a 2008 position paper which promised that 'as president, Barack Obama would revisit the Patriot Act to ensure that there is real and robust oversight of tools like National Security Letters, sneak-and-peek searches, and the use of the material witness provision.'

'But instead of implementing reasonable civil liberties protections, like taking requests for e-mail surveillance before a judge,' the editorial concludes, 'the administration is proposing changes to the law that would allow huge numbers of new electronic communications to be examined with no judicial oversight. Democrats in Congress can remind Mr. Obama of his campaign promises by refusing this request.'"

Social Security is under its greatest threat from a Democrat and the uber-conservative cat-food commission he put together to develop cover for eliminating SS.

THEN the Democrat makes his regular Saturday morning address last weekend trying to scare voting Dems to the polls by saying that Republicans are trying to destroy SS.

Orwell would be proud, Obama.

Whacking the Old Folks | The Nation:
"What's extraordinary about this assault on Social Security is that a Democratic president is leading it. Obama is arm in arm with GOP conservatives like Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson, who for decades has demonized Social Security as a grave threat to the Republic and has spread some $12 million among economists, think tanks, foundations and assorted front groups to sell his case. If Obama pulls the deal off, this will be his version of 'Nixon goes to China'—a leader proving his manhood by going against his party's convictions. Even if he fails, the president will get some protective cover on the deficit issue. After all, he is targeting Big Government's most beloved and trusted program—the New Deal's most prominent pillar.

Obama's initiative rests on two falsehoods spread by Peterson's propaganda—the notion that Social Security somehow contributes to the swollen federal deficits and that cutting benefits will address this problem. Obama and his advisers do not say this in so many words, but their rhetoric implies that Social Security is a big source of the deficit problem. Major media promote the same falsehoods."

Deficit-cutting ax may fall on Social Security - Yahoo! News:
"The Social Security system today faces a threat greater than the drive for partial privatization by George W. Bush.

'That's not hyperbolic,' says Nancy Altman, codirector of Social Security Works, a group dedicated to preserving the system that provides income for 50 million retirees, the disabled, millions of children, and more. Her fear is that President Obama's bipartisan National Com�mis�sion on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform will recommend cuts in Social Security benefits as one means to reduce the burgeoning federal budget deficit. If 14 of 18 commissioners agree on a deficit-cutting plan, it could be passed at a lame-duck session of Congress without the extensive hearings and discussions that normally precede such an important measure.

'There would be little chance for the public to have an influence,' says Ms. Altman."


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Great blog today, JPW. Wow! I was a good boy who believed everything I was taught and everything the government said until The Warren Commission claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. What a wake-up call....

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Just playin' my part, Davy. Hey, did you hear that JimO left USF?