Thursday, September 09, 2010

Confucian Technology

Our next rulers. How the fuck do they create this technology before we do.

Thank Confucius I've mastered chop-sticks.

China's Great (Quantum) Leap Forward - Yahoo! News:
"While China has been showing off its new hardware, a potentially more important military advancement has gone largely unnoticed: In May, Chinese scientists announced a demonstration of 'quantum teleportation' over 16 kilometers (10 miles), creating what Matthew Luce, a researcher at the Defense Group Inc.'s Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis, calls 'secure communications guaranteed by the laws of physics.' China is now at the cutting-edge of military communications, transforming the field of cryptography and spotlighting a growing communications arms race."

Needs to be done. Will never be done.

The Case for a New Top Income Tax Bracket � The Washington Independent:
"Democrats could, for instance, offer to create a new tax bracket for the top one percent of earners (those making more than about $410,000) or for any earners making more than $1 million."


Teh Stupid owns our world.

Daily Kos: An army of stupid:
"'Barack Obama is racist'. 'Barter chickens for healthcare'. 'I read all of the newspapers that are put in front of me.' 'I can see Russia from my house' (ok, fine that one wasn't her exact quote, but still). 'Terrorist anchor babies'. Birthers. Railing against high taxes when 95% of Americans received a tax cut - the biggest middle class tax cut in history. 'Barack the magic...' well, never mend. An American where 'freedom' means that you love the country so much that your spouse can join a separatist political party as you talk about how great this country is. Conspiracy theories about ACORN, about unions, about 'big government', except when it was a few years ago and it was in the name of 'freedom'. And of course, 'death panels'.

I really could go on and on and on.

How the fuck did this become mainstream and acceptable enough that Sharon Angle and Rand Paul are where they are, and how Glenn Beck isn't mocked in every (other) corner of reality and society - is beyond me. How empty and hypocritically ironic slogans, sheer ignorance and stupidy - willfull, proud stupidity and ignorance - has become a bigger force in politics and American discourse than ever before is just baffling."


Don't piss off the old boys from Alabama...

Police: 81-year-old set off device that killed him:
"Police say an 81-year old man died in an explosion he set off intentionally in his third-floor room at an Alabama home for senior citizens."

Soothing, in a way. - Pacific Sun Cruise liner in very heavy seas. Internal CCTV footage.


Boston Dawna, the Batman of Venice Beach, retires - Yahoo! News


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