Friday, September 10, 2010

DBT Week in Review - 9/10/10


Happy belated birthday to Emmett Hood. 1 year and 1 day in this fancy world.


This is the place from whence I was born and raised. Hardly recognize it. Maybe someday Florence/The Shoals can be considered Athens - West.


10 Giants of Southern Rock Guitar:
"With their heady mix of fuzzed-up riff rock, rootsy acoustic shuffles and Crazy Horse-like excursions into the wild blue yonder, the Drive-By Truckers offer up an especially ambitious brand of southern rock. Favoring SGs and Gold Top Deluxes, frontman Patterson Hood generally tunes down a whole step in order to achieve the Truckers’ distinctive sound. The band’s sprawling 2001 opus, Southern Rock Opera, paid conscious tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allmans, and the Marshall Tucker Band."

DRIVE BY TRUCKERS interview @ Mile High Music Festival 2010 - MoBoogie


His mouth may not speak Spanish, but his guitar sure does. Cooley fucking dominates this guitar solo:


Fan Videos:

China. Still awesome:



Film Review: The Secret to a Happy Ending at Northwest Film Forum:
"Drive-By Truckers is a musical family affair; not just because inspired leader singer/songwriter Patterson Hood is the son of extremely supportive Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section bass player David Hood, or the fact that he has been collaborating with fellow Shoals, North Alabama vocalist/guitarist Mike Cooley for decades. DBT is an extended filial force driven by a web of affection and responsibility within the band — which also includes another vivid vocalist and tunesmith, Jason Isbell, married to bass player Shannon Tucker; and longtime drummer Brad Morgan — and a deep connection to their fans."

A hidden gem, ‘That Evening Sun’ has the ring of authenticity | |



Get it. Do it!

Joey Kneiser "The All-Night Bedroom Revival" CD



Check out Centro's version of 'All Night Long'

Centro-matic on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Lera Lynn

1. Drool. 2. This is such a great song, one that should make LL rich and famous.

I like the cut of this ladies jib.

Facebook | Videos Posted by Rich Mullinax: Lera Lynn ~ "I'm Your Fool" Performed Live on WUGA 5 of 6


Music News

Alt-rock icon struggles to make a comeback after fire -


Rock Stars do know how to make an exit.

Ex-ELO cellist killed in collision with hay bale

Charles Haddon Dead: Dies From Fall During Ou Est Le Swimming Pool Concert

The Call's Michael Been Dies of Heart Attack at B.R.M.C. Show - Spinner

Company presses your ashes into vinyl when you die


Shorter Cougar: Get off my lawn!

John Mellencamp Likens Internet To A-Bomb

Shorter Nicks: Get off my lawn! (and help me stick this needle in my anus)

Stevie Nicks: 'Internet is killing rock 'n' roll' : SFGate: Daily Dish


NYT is not far behind as will be all other print magazines.

Paste Magazine jettisons print product | Atlanta Music Blog | Atlanta Concerts & Shows | Crib Notes | Creative Loafing Atlanta


And the sky is blue.

Axl Rose STORMS Off Stage After Bottles Are Hurled At Him:


Atta girl.

Polish star faces trial on claim drunks wrote Bible - News


Do Coat Hangers Sound As Good Monster Cables? - The Consumerist

Texts, Tweets and Rock n Roll: How Social Media Saved the Sunset Strip :: Culture :: Features :: Paste

Bob Dylan's No-Ticket Experiment: A Success But Not A Sell Out : SFGate: Culture Blog!

Apple rocks the music world...again - Americana and roots music - No Depression

Jeff Pollack: The Music Industry's New Model: Where Is It?
"Individual artist apps aren't 2009, some of the major labels rolled out apps for a few of their largest artists built largely around exclusive access to video content, mainly performance clips, promotional items, and behind-the-scenes peeks. But that simply is not enough; there has to a more unique offering to entice real fan engagement. Artists can only generate real revenue from apps on a long-term basis if the fan is getting something they deem valuable.

So, the battle to discover the new model continues on all fronts as the realization sinks in that the answer surely will be a combination of ideas (such as bundled subscriptions, cool artist apps, compelling fan experiences), not one magic solution. One thing won't be the answer, everything will be."

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