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DBT Week in Review - 12/3/10


Drive-By Truckers | Go-Go Boots - Pre-Order:
"All pre-orders will receive a complementary high quality digital download of the album on release date (February 15th, 2011) via email.

As a special pre-order GRAND PRIZE bonus, everyone who pre-orders Go-Go Boots from will be entered in a drawing to win a pair of tickets to EVERY Drive-By Truckers show in 2011 (starting after February 15th, 2011)."

Deadline December 14th.

Vote For The Best Music Of 2010 : All Songs Considered Blog : NPR


Largehearted Boy: Book Notes - Lindsay Hunter ("Daddy's"):
"The Drive-by Truckers 'The Deeper In'

Oh my sweet dark Jesus by the lamp, this song. It's about sibling incest and it ends so abruptly that you are stunned. It damns and it forgives and it damns. This is the kind of storytelling any other writer could spend years attempting. In Daddy's, the story 'Let' is my attempt."

I don't speak Spanish or any of these other languages.

Drive-By Truckers vs The Whybirds (Guitar hero en el Kafe Antzokia) | La Furgoneta Azul – Musica Independiente – Musica Indie

Drive-by Truckers – Sala Heineken (Madrid) 24 noviembre 2010 | Efecto t�nel

Cr�nica Drive-By Truckers, Razz 2 | agenda barcelona, llibres, cinema, m�sica, restaurants

Concertverslag: Drive-By Truckers @ Vera, Groningen 18-11-2010 � Martijn Koetsier

Drive-By Truckers, Vera Groningen - Cutting Edge

Three Dimes Down • View topic - Groningen 11-18-2010 (Holy crap!!!)

Overname van Paradiso door Drive By Truckers in foto’s | Rock | Written in Music


However, Google Translate does a nice number on the following paragraph:

green bean sound: DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS, RAZZ2 BARCELONA, 23/11/2010:
"Que los Truckers son muy buenos, es un hecho. Que imparten lecciones magistrales de rock en el siglo XXI desde ayer, para un servidor tambi�n. Lecci�n de rock en may�sculas, sure�o de procedencia, y universal de contenido, contundente y sin fecha de caducidad. Muchos artistas deber�an envidiar el flequillo de Mike Cooley y los rizos de Patterson Hood. La barba infinita de Brad Morgan y la sensual timidez Shonna Tucker. A ella le grit� “Marry Me” esperando que Cooley nos regalara la canci�n y con ella obsequiaron mediado el concierto a una parroquia rendida."

Google Translate:

The Truckers are very good, it's a fact. That taught master classes in the twenty-first century rock from yesterday, for a server too. Rock lesson in capital letters, southern provenance, universal content, blunt and no expiration date. Many artists would envy the fringe of Mike Cooley and Patterson Hood curls. The beard infinite Brad Morgan and Shonna Tucker sensual shyness. She screamed "Marry Me" waiting for Cooley gives us the song and it flattered the middle of the concert to a parish rendered.


Patterson Hood

Aquarium Drunkard � Diversions :: Patterson Hood on Darkness On The Edge of Town:
"At the bottom of the page you will Patterson Hood’s live tribute to Darkness On The Edge Of Town recorded in 2007, by Sloan Simpson, at the 40 Watt club in Athens, GA. Last week, on the eve of the Darkness reissue, The Promise, I asked Patterson to share his thoughts on the original LP. He did just that. Below is his transmission from the Netherlands, thinking about Darkness, while touring with Drive-By Truckers. Look for the new DBT record, Go-Go Boots, out February 2011."

Doc Dailey

Mayer’s Playlist for October/November 2010, Part 2 - Twangville:
"A strong Southern accent imbues Muscle Shouls musician Doc Dailey’s voice and music. His songs continue a rich Southern storytelling tradition, filled with characters struggling with the hands that they’ve been dealt. In album opener “Prove Me Wrong” Dailey strives to make a relationship work, only to confess “if a pictures worth a thousand words, how come I keep burnin’ hers.” The musical accompaniment – acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo and fiddle – only adds to the melancholy feel."


What's the difference between California and Texas?

Willie's going to jail...

Legal Experts Question Willie Nelson Pot Bust | Rolling Stone Music:
"the offense carries a minimum sentence of 180 days in jail and a maximum sentence of two years plus a $10,000 fine."
Kurtis Blow got a $100 misdemeanor ticket as if his car was parked illegally.

Kurtis Blow Busted for Weed After LAX Body Scan |


Dangerous Minds | Deconstructing ‘Gimme Shelter’: Listen to the isolated tracks of the Rolling Stones in the studio

Dylan's handwritten lyrics to sell in NYC

Fillmore Posters, Uncoded: Bid on Signed-by-Artist Posters From Grizzly Bear, Pixies, Death Cab for Cutie... | 7x7:
"Paul Grushkin, author of music bibles The Art of Rock and the Art of Modern Rock, explains the appeal. 'It's our way of remembering what it was like to go to these wonderful shows. 'Oh my God I was there!' That's what it's all about in any generation.' Though Grushkin's own collection includes some of the first Jefferson Airplane Fillmore posters, he doesn't turn his nose at newer music. 'The hardest thing for anyone involved in Rock n' Roll merchandising is not to look down at somebody else's music. It's very easy to say 'it was better in my youth.' But you can't tell a 13-year-old who's just discovering music that the music of his generation will never be as good as mine. That's a pretty shitty message to transmit. It's all about the attitude. It doesn't matter when you got on the bus, it's that you got on the bus.'”"

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