Thursday, December 02, 2010

No, It Is Not Right

There is absolutely no reason to support Barrack Obama or the Democrats. None. Zero. They are exactly the same as Republicans.

If we can't win the tax fight (we can, but Obama and Dems refuses to actually fight) then the next two years will be all about passing crazy-fucking Republican bills (kinda like the past two years).

Democrats poised to cave on tax cuts, extend temporarily for rich | Raw Story

If we switched teams for this argument, the Republicans would win either side because the Dems are completely subservient to their every demand.

And Obama loves him some torture, too.

Obama and GOPers Worked Together to Kill Bush Torture Probe | Mother Jones

Obama must go.

Daily Kos: I am a pragmatist, but there is a limit to compromise.:
"Sam Johnson was a Populist at heart, even twenty years after the Populist party was dead and buried. And Johnson and a handful of men in the statehouse knew that they fought losing battle after losing battle, eating beans on their paltry salaries while other legislators ate steak and drank whiskey on the dime of lobbyists.

One time a frustrated compatriot of Johnson's half-jokingly asked why the Hell they didn't just surrender. And Sam Johnson responded that the things worth fighting for are worth fighting for in their own right. Win or lose.

That was 100 years ago. And I wonder now, as I look to my own party, where the Sam E. Johnsons are. Where are the men who will stand up and say, 'No, it's not right that the burden of sacrifice should fall to those least able to bear it while those who enjoy the greatest privilege sacrifice so little.'"

Nothing I could write could ever match this brutal take-down.

Bob Cesca: Why Exactly Is President Obama Acting Like George McFly?:

"More often than not, I've attempted to give the Obama administration the benefit of the doubt, both in terms of policy and politics. That's not to say I've embraced every idea -- I most certainly haven't. But even when I've vocally disagreed with a policy position, I've attempted to see the wisdom and pragmatism behind the president's choices.

But this week I have no blessed clue what the hell he's up to. I've tried to look at this from every angle and each one leads me back to weak, weak, weak.

He's following rules that no longer exist, pandering to voter attitudes that will have zero consequence in terms of both his approval numbers and his reelection chances. He's completely off the rails -- well beyond any notion of post-partisanship. In fact, if his intention has been to 'change the way Washington does business,' he's currently and epically failing because I simply can't believe that the new and improved way is this way."


"You'd never know it, though, because whenever a Democrat -- say, Bernie Sanders or Anthony Weiner or the outgoing Alan Grayson, for example -- steps up and forcefully tells the truth, they're assaulted by political hipsters who harrumph and bitch about 'both sides' acting insane and shrill and why can't we all just be nice! You know, nice like the glorious olden days when there weren't witch hunts or duels or beatings or civil wars. Meanwhile, the Republicans line up in lockstep on television and repeat the same lines over and over and over. The media repeats and validates during Sunday morning 'smackdown' often featuring John McCain. The Democrats concede. And the Republicans win the debate -- usually by grinding it into the ground with nonstop crazy and by filibustering everything."

Obama's FCC:

FCC’s ‘Net neutrality’ plan would permit super-tiers, network traffic throttling | Raw Story



davyproctorboy said...

Pigpen (not the Grateful Dead guy) for president.

JPW said...

Environmental issues with that one, davy.

Townser said...

So sad, JPW. Did any of us really believe that things could get worse after Bush? Seems to be the case though.