Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drunkest Cities

We're number 3! We're number 3!

Drunkest Cities - Galleries - The Daily Beast


A little something for your imaginative awe:

Gigantic Storm With Huge Tail Erupts on Saturn | Wired Science |


And little something for you sleepy-time nightmares:

Kayakers recount deadly crocodile attack in Congo - Yahoo! News:
"With no time to do anything but say 'Oh, my God!' Coetzee was gone, hauled beneath the green water never to be seen again."


Anonymous said...

How 'bout that Brewtown! Only one Wisconsin city on the tiltawhirl?

JPW said...

They probably could/should have put the state Wisconsin as #1, but I guess that tried to keep it a bit fair. If only there was some upcoming occasion where we could drink and celebrate our rankings.

Anonymous said...

Deaths per 100,000 residents from alcoholic liver disease in San Francisco: 6.9
I'll take them odds!

masterymistery said...

you may be number #3 in the drunkest cities list, but can you beat Sydney Australia's record number of per capita "glassings" (ie when a person hits you in the face or head with a wine bottle or beer mug or similar.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

JPW said...

And THAT is why Australia is where I should have been born, MM.