Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I Promise, I'll Never Hit You Again, Baby.

Good-fucking-grief. We are so screwed with this President.

Obama promises more outreach to GOP -

And the Republicans promise to continue to destroy Obama at every turn. Nice and bipartisan-like.

Can we please just hurry up and get to the Huckabee/Palin reign of terror coming our way in 2013.

Oh, to have a leader that believed in something and fought for anything.

"Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama told GOP leaders behind closed doors Tuesday that he had failed to reach across party lines enough during his first two years in office, a senior administration official told CNN.

He promised to do a better job of bipartisan outreach in the days ahead, the official added.

'The president said he had to do better, and the president is ready to do his part,' the official said."

Daily Kos: Dear Mr President Let Me Whisper In Your Ear


Indeed. The entire game is rigged. Rigged and rigged to fail.

C-Span mic catches US Senator’s candor: The Senate ‘is all rigged’ | Raw Story



Obama administration gives billions in stimulus money without environmental safeguards:
"In the name of job creation and clean energy, the Obama administration has doled out about $2 billion in stimulus money to some of the nation's biggest polluters while granting them exemptions from a basic form of environmental oversight, a Center for Public Integrity investigation has found."

Wanna try this sometime.

DIY: Crab Fishing in San Francisco - Jared Rivera



davyproctorboy said...

Snoopy for president!

Carter said...

Red Barron for President...that dog don't play....

AAW said...

I like Red Barron, Carter. He has some fight in him.

Davy, Snoopy is too lazy and his relationship with Woodstock... just sayin.