Thursday, January 06, 2011

Crab Boil

Not so wild kingdom.

Mass bird and fish deaths becoming worldwide phenomenon | Raw Story:
"Update: 40,000 crabs have been found dead on England beaches."
Also, on the same beach a 300 gallon vat of clarified butter along with 3000 empty Corona bottles were discovered.

Seriously, doh, this could be a problem or it could be a bored media connecting dots that don't connect.

Never know these days... until it is too late, then how could anyone have predicted. Lawdy.


'Chupacabra' Mystery Solved? Strange Animal Identified In Kentucky (VIDEO)

I've seen many a raccoon and this is one ugly raccoon if so, but....

"There's just no way around it.' When Mark Cothern spotted this bizarre creature in his yard, he shot it. Pictures of the animal spread like wildfire, as many fans eagerly thought it could be a chupacabra."
Chupacabra receives cult, mythical status in Mexico.

Chupacabra receives both barrels in Kentucky and almost made it to the stew pot (I'm betting).


United State of California.

We build big shit, thus employing a lot of people:

The new Bay Bridge tower as seen from the - Media (1 of 22) Bay Bridge's new tower starts to rise

Granted, the steel comes from China because the nobody else does big shit in the U.S. anymore.

We are serious about protecting our environment.

California Cap And Trade Rules: Sweeping Regulations Set To Be Adopted:
"'AB32 was passed primarily to fill the vacuum created by the failure of Congress to pass any kind of climate or energy legislation for many years now,' said Mary Nichols, the air board's chairwoman. 'The goal was to lead by example, and being a leader you have to bring others along with you.'

California's cap-and-trade rules would set up the largest U.S. carbon trading market as the way to enforce the state's gradually tightening cap on emissions."
We are getting out of the damn car, too:

Calif. Amtrak ridership rising on state trains:
"'As I go around the country talking about Amtrak, I say we can't add trains fast enough in California,' said Marc Magliari, a national Amtrak spokesman in Chicago. 'That strikes people who believe California is the land of the car.'"
We also elect real Democrats who run the joint.

Be more like California, the rest of you.



Jez said...

Hey, now, let's take it easy with the Kentucky Chupacabra Jambalaya comments. You know, the only thing seperating Alabama from Kentucky is Tennessee, amIright?

Okay, just kidding, it's okay to make fun of Kentucky.

AAW said...

Of course it is, Jez. Also, I'm not saying I wouldn't have a bowl. Protein is protein.