Friday, January 07, 2011

DBT Week in Review - 1/7/11


Drive-By Truckers @ Brooklyn Bowl�|� | The Music Street Team:
"Given the desolate location, terrible sight lines, and cavernous Thunder Dome-esque space of Terminal 5, it would have been worth it to buy tickets to the New Year’s Eve show just to get tickets to the Brooklyn Bowl show, and skip the Terminal 5 show entirely. Unless you really love the Drive-By Truckers. And given the crowd reaction at Brooklyn Bowl, it didn’t seem like many of the fans planned on skipping a Drive-By Truckers show. Ever."

Top 10 Albums Of 2010, by Paul Shirley:
"I could make the case (once again, to myself, because, once again, no one else would care to hear the argument) that the Drive-By Truckers managed to write my favorite AND second-favorite songs of the year, with “Birthday Boy” and “This F*cking Job”.

But I could be talked down from that position; those two songs might only be my third-favorite and fifth-favorite of the year. However, there is one thing of which I am positive: the Truckers wrote my favorite stanza of the year. From “Birthday Boy”, which is written from the perspective of a world-weary stripper:

“Got a girlfriend, don’t you, boy,

Nervous hands can’t lie,

Married men don’t ask how much,

Single ones ain’t buying.”

Even now, after something like 1,795 listens this year, the song gives me the chills; the Drive-By Truckers’ ability to cut to the heart of the human condition is one of the great musical revelations of the 21st century.

Drive By Truckers: Incisive."

Deano Bravo's Modern Life

Drive-By Truckers Rock Brooklyn Bowl � brooklynbelles

Yfrog Photo : Good Dog

Picture This: � Blog Archive � 1. DBT on NYE in the NYC 2010/2011


1 hour of the Rock Show from Spain this summer. Give it a minute to load.




Justin Townes Earl w/Jason Isbell


Elliot McPherson - Dexateens

Ram it, Jam it, Five Questions with The Dexateens' Elliott McPherson:
"EM: The best talent in Tuscaloosa is by far URI Horton. URI is unique and completely out of the box. He is sort of the godfather of the Tuscaloosa rap scene, but instead of being content with that, he has broadened his horizons and taken his craft to the stage with a band."





David Lowery from Cracker



Bob Masse Studios

Pitchfork: Listen: Two New R.E.M. Songs:
"Alternative nation luminaries R.E.M. will release Collapse Into Now, their new album, on March 8 (March 7 in the UK) via Warner Bros. On their website, they've already debuted the opening track, 'Discoverer'. More recently, the band shared a lyric video for their Eddie Vedder collaboration 'It Happened Today'; you can watch that below. And on the NPR website, you can now stream another song from the album, the scaled-back ballad 'Oh My Heart'."

OMB Staff – Best Albums Of 2010 | Oxford Music Blog

BBC News - Pink Floyd end EMI legal dispute


I snagged the following via Velena V. on Facebook. This weird lump thing occurs in my throat when I watch. Weird.

Also, he plays the git-tar upside down.

Click over and read about him and his daughters.



binky said...

Great roundup. Love Centro-Matic doing All Night Long. The first time I ever saw them was an NYE show where they did that... your post took me right back.

AAW said...

Will Johnson is a musical genius, bink. J.

John A Arkansawyer said...

Click over where to read about Elliot Sharpe and his Daughters?

AAW said...

John: Click on the 'YouTube' graphic on the bottom right of the YouTube screen and it will take you to the vid on YouTube where you can read more about father/daughters. JPW

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link to bypuck! Gonna check this out again to see the clips when I'm back at a computer!