Monday, January 24, 2011

Double Sun

And California is not far behind.

Vermont Lawmakers Lay Groundwork For Single Payer System In Place Of Obamacare

It should state 'BobDoleCare' or 'CrappyRepublicanBillfromthe90scare'.



Darya Pino, Ph.D: Is it Food? [Flowchart]


Really? Bath salts are a hell of a drug?

Officials fear bath salts are growing drug problem - Yahoo! News


Time for me to preach the joy of the cable-less existence again. Your life will be infinitely improved and your IQ will jump 20 points if you remove cable news and all the other crappy, time-wasting programing from your life.

Netflix, Hulu, ESPN3, Network websites. Good to go.

Oh, no political commercials ever again, too.

First Person: How We Cut the Cord and Now Enjoy (Almost) Free TV - Yahoo! Finance


Cool, but probably bullshit.

Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012


1 comment:

Jez said...

Thanks for that link to the cut the cord thing. I've been looking at cutting out the TV portion of my Comcast bill, but not sure I could go with U-Verse. Cable Modems > DSL.

I'm just waiting for Clear 4G to show up in my area.