Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheesey Fog

Nails it.

Michael Brenner: Barack Obama -- Out of the Closet

The weak supporting the weak. Comprehensive run-down how Democrats and some Liberals/Progressives are failing this country miserably.

"Faced with betrayal, they freeze at pronouncing the word, of thinking the thought, of feeling the emotion. They are easy marks for the upscale con man with the high-minded rhetoric. They see taking offense as itself somehow offensive. They shy away from accusing, from denouncing. So when Mr. Obama spits in their face week after week, they are stunned into denial. Some declare: Our Saviour is also a rainmaker -- a thousand blessings be upon him! Others turn the other cheek. A few instinctively reach for a handkerchief. The more imaginative suggest that he was really aiming at the Republicans, but he's under such great stress that he lost his aim. The truly original believe that it's all part of a clever strategy so ingenious that we poor mortals can't conceive of it. Mysterious are the ways of Our Saviour."

Of course they did. Democrats turn 51 votes needed into 67 because..... uh.....

Weak and wrong.

Democrats Scale Down Rules Reform Package, Aiming For 67 Votes


Might go get a juicer in Jack's honor.

Fitness guru Jack LaLanne, 96, dies at Calif. home - Yahoo! News:
"Just before he had heart valve surgery in 2009 at age 95, Jack Lalanne told his family that dying would wreck his image, his publicist Ariel Hankin said at the time."

Yes, please.

A.S.B. • Oh god what is this


Humboldt Fog is like eating a dream. Word has it has it their truffle offering is devine, too.

National Cheese Lovers Day: The Best California Cheeses:
"'The Humboldt Fog is a tribute to classic French goat cheese-making. It's soft ripening from the outside inward and it has the vegetable ash through the middle and a little bit around the edges.'-- Norbert Wabnig."

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