Thursday, May 05, 2011

Double Waterspouts - What Does it Mean

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

He thanks his bathtub manufacturer. Javy is a good dude.

Ex-Tide football star Javier Arenas survived Tuscaloosa tornado, gives back to storm victims (video) |


What does it mean?!

Double waterspouts form off Hawaii shore - Yahoo! News



Mac Tips: 25 OS X Tricks Every User Should Know


Double nerds. Very cool. You can also see what each letter means.

NOVA | Write Your Name in Runes


Insert Cheney joke here. Capnography is cool.

Man goes without pulse for 96 minutes — and lives | The Raw Story:
"Emergency workers used technology called capnography, which measures how much blood is traveling to the lungs and other organs. By seeing how much blood was still flowing through the body, EMTs could keep trying to revive the man.

'A pulse gradually returned,' anesthesiologist and cardiac care specialist Dr. Roger White wrote in the paper describing the incident. 'The effort was successful in large part because of capnography, which informed emergency workers that if they persisted, it was conceivable they'd have a survivor on their hands.'"

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