Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Living in Fear

What, not soon enough?
"Guy walks into a bar..
Bartender asks, what can I get you..
Guy says I'll have a Bin Laden..
What's that asks bartender...
Guy replies, Two shots and a splash of water."

But, seriously, we ain't winning.

Turley: The demon is dead; so are many of our rights -
"What has been most chilling is that the elimination of Saddam and now bin Laden has little impact on this system, which seems to continue like a perpetual motion machine of surveillance and searches. While President Dwight D. Eisenhower once warned Americans of the power of the military-industrial complex, we now have a counterterrorism system that employs tens of thousands, spends tens of billions of dollars each year and is increasingly unchecked in its operations."

On Osama Bin Laden’s Death | Common Dreams:
"While I don’t in any way minimize their danger, I despair. I despair that we as a country, as Nietzsche understood, have become a monster that we are attempting to fight."

"The whole thing's just kinda stupid" - Slobberbone

Pedestrian, 84, injured in karate assault : Crime Scene


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