Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bounding Steaks

Sum total of our current news media. I imagine this is what their morning meetings are like.

YouTube - Reservoir Dogs - Like a Virgin scene


Democrats and bold. Like snakes and Indiana Jones. I'm giving too much credit to Democrats or snakes in this analogy.

Daily Kos: Now is the time for boldness.:
"America is rotting.

Not through neglect, but through design and timidity. The 1Percenters designed the rot, and the Party that historically represented us 99Percenters encourage it through timidity. This rot has been slow and steady for Forty years, and now, in the last decade, the rot has moved into high octane overdrive."

Maybe this will help..... Not the Dems. Me.

The Caperon, a Betabrand Think Tank Product - Betabrand



masterymistery said...

Listen to Charles Bradley's "golden rule" especially the line about America today

masterymistery@ cosmic rapture

AAW said...

Its a cold, cold world....