Thursday, June 09, 2011

We Are Being Lied To

My governor rocks. The cell phone savings is but a drop, but it makes a lot of sense. Read the entire blog and check out the numbers.

Gov. Brown says nearly half of state cell phones eliminated : Politics Blog:
"Brown got rid of his own state-issued cell phone when he issued the executive order."

Again. Rocks because he has huge stones.

Daily Kos: The Jerry Brown Method: Defeating GOP Memes in Four Months Or Less:
"Second, Brown talked directly to the people of California, not just the obstreperous and incoherent Republican commandants. Again, unlike a certain President. Over and over again, he took his message to YouTube (you got to love that), as well as highschool gyms and union halls. For a septuagenarian he made a certain young president look like a geezer. Again the GOP squealed, and most people here saw the Republicans for what they are: ideological bullies who act like South Park’s Cartman when somebody stands up to them."

It's about the jobs, stupid. This deficit 'argument' is pure-d bullshit.

We are being lied to.

AMERICAblog News: White House disses Senate Dems’ jobs bill because it’s not small enough:
"You are quite possibly witnessing the beginning of the end of the Obama presidency."

Mmmm. Chile. Pictures are pretty amazing.

Chile volcano causes ash cloud and lightning tears the sky apart | Mail Online


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