Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clap Louder

Much of the clap-louder crowd are breaking their palms today over this:

Obama: Enough is Enough in Debt Talks, 'This May Bring My Presidency Down, But I'm Not Yielding' | TPMDC:
"'I have reached the point where I say enough,' Obama told the leaders, according to the account. 'Would Ronald Reagan be sitting here? I've reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this.'"
A couple of points if the 'don't question dear leader' folks can quiet down for a moment.

1. No one forced Obama to couple deficit (the grand lie) with debt limit increase. He should have told the Republicans to go fuck themselves from the get-go. Dems and Repubs corporate masters were never going to let them default. Never. Because it would spook the precious markets (per them).

2. He still put SS and MC on the table. No denying that.

3. He'll do anything for a deal, regardless of how band is hurts the middle class. We get small tax increases yet the local library gets shut down? Whoppty-fucking-do.

4. Ronald Goddamn Reagan. Is it not crystal clear who this man patterns himself after?

5. You want me to clap louder? Raise the fucking debt ceiling in a clean bill. No more cuts to middle class programs.


What Tiabbi says.

Obama Doesn't Want a Progressive Deficit Deal | Rolling Stone Politics | Taibblog | Matt Taibbi on Politics and the Economy:
"I simply don't believe the Democrats would really be worse off with voters if they committed themselves to putting people back to work, policing Wall Street, throwing their weight behind a real public option in health care, making hedge fund managers pay the same tax rates as ordinary people, ending the pointless wars abroad, etc. That they won't do these things because they're afraid of public criticism, and 'responding to pressure,' is an increasingly transparent lie. This 'Please, Br'er Fox, don't throw me into dat dere briar patch' deal isn't going to work for much longer. Just about everybody knows now that they want to go into that briar patch."

Adm. Thad Allen: Separating The Value of Public Service From The Politics


Watermelon-prescribing 'doctor' gets a month : Crime Scene:
"A man who posed as a doctor and told a Belmont woman to eat watermelon in a hot tub to help her kidneys has been ordered to spend a month in jail and never to pass himself off as a medical professional."



davyproctorboy said...

I often feel invisible in these debates. First, everyone is always talking about what is good for the middle class. My middle class days are long over. I am in poverty. No one seems to ever talk about the poor people. I guess we don't have enough money to even count. Second, people are always talking about what is good for American families. As if only families count. I have no family. People in families are no more valuable than those without. As an aside, as a gay man, even if I had a family, there are many people who would exclude us from the debate anyway.

Loved/valued everything you posted today.

davyproctorboy said...

From Kurt Vonnegut's "Hocus Pocus", published in 1990 and talking about a future 2010: "...even if Social Security hadn't gone bust and...hadn't run off with the pension funds and so one...cut loose in a thoroughly looted, bankrupt nation whose assets had been sold off to foreigners, a nation swamped by...superstition and illiteracy and hypnotic TV, with virtually no health services for the poor."

AAW said...

Shorter: We are pretty much fucked. Ronald Wilson Obama will ensure that.