Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The ladies World Cup Semi against Fucking France (h/t Christopher Moore) kicks off in 30.

Watch it on ESPN3: Watch Live Streaming Sports Online - ESPN3

Check out this great video while you're at it. U.S.A.! (I love you, Hope Solo)

Wambach goal gets its own tribute video - World Soccer - Yahoo! Sports


Good work, WI. I want to see this headline from across the nation in '12:

Fake Democrats lose in Wis. primary recalls - Yahoo! News


Pip-pip and hell yeah. Hopefully this monopolist who peddles propaganda to the rich and political goes down like a whore tryin' to make rent.

Fuck Murdoch.

Murdoch’s Watergate? - Print - Newsweek:
"The hacking scandal currently shaking Rupert Murdoch’s empire will surprise only those who have willfully blinded themselves to that empire’s pernicious influence on journalism in the English-speaking world. Too many of us have winked in amusement at the salaciousness without considering the larger corruption of journalism and politics promulgated by Murdoch Culture on both sides of the Atlantic."

Daily Kos: Investors Turn On Murdoch. This Is Going To Leave A Mark

Murdoch drops bid for British Sky Broadcasting - Yahoo! News


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