Monday, June 19, 2006

DBT - Shoreline - SF, CA

Hell No I Ain't Happy
Easy On Yourself
Aftermath U.S.A.
Gravity's Gone
Never Gonna Change
Let There Be Rock
Living Bubba

They sounded awesome. No problem playing amphitheatres, that's for sure. Really, really, really tight. They had a lot of fun on stage,too. Great energy. Crowd filtered in througout the set. Only 5Ktickets were sold and the place holds 15k-20k. Patterson had some great ad libs in LTBR. He misses his little girl on Father's Day. Outfit as a final was a nod to Father's Day. Witnessed a few t-shirts being sold. They just rock, y'all.

Can't wait to get them back from TBC, though.

Click them and they get BIG....

Empty Parking Lot

Inside the Venue

Nobody's home, yet

A little tuning

A lot of Rocking

The following are pictures from the giant video screens:

Purty Girl

Purty Girl Singin'

R.O.C.K in the U.S.A.

EZB (I heard he ain't THAT easy, though)

The Man

The Man lookin' cool in his shades

The Man-Child Slidin' his ass off

I wish I could do that

Some Dude They Call Cooley

Oh yeah, lay it on me, baby.

Cooley Makin' Panty Tea.

Sweet Ass Baxendale

They Fuckin' Rock!

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