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DBT - Week in Review - 9/8

I want to pre-wish Mr. Mike Cooley a Happy Birthday. A little birdie let it slip that tomorrow is his big 4-0. Here are a couple of pictures by Silky of the Stroker Ace and a couple of my favorite Cooleyisms:

"It’s no wonder everybodies scared of downtown Birmingham
it’s just a little too close to home
But there’s more crooks down here and the cops don’t care,
while old white men wearing ties can do anything they want".

"Well you're only fifteen, girl, you ain't got no secretary
And "for granted" is a mighty big word for a country girl like you"

Happy Birthday, Stroker Ace! May you see many, many more.


Y'all know I love my politics and y'all know I love my DBT. So when the two converge I get an extra charge out of life. Angi from the DBT Yahoo List pointed out that Dress Blues happens to be listed on the Democratic Underground website in their jukebox of war protest songs. Oddly enough, another Alabamian, Will Kimbrough, tops the list on their jukebox:

dbts : Message: dress blues:
"hi y'all!! i lurk around on the DU (that's democratic underground) does my housemate....he pointed this out to me today...take a look at this link to see 'Dress Blues' listed on the DU jukebox of war protest songs:

way to go Jason...we here in Tampa, Fla are pround of you...AND the song kicks ass!!
for anyone who hasn't heard it, the links follow for the video (from Neil Young's Living with WAR site)it's #3:

and the song (from them guys!!):

While we are on the subject of Dress Blues, The Timesdaily in Florence had an article regarding Matthew Conely, his wife and child, and the scholarship that has been set up in his name. Here it is:

In his honor | | Florence, AL:
"U.S. Marine Cpl. Matthew Conley, of Greenhill, was killed Feb. 19, while serving in Iraq. He was buried with full military honors and more than 1,000 people in attendance on Feb. 26, his 22nd birthday.

The 2002 Rogers High School graduate was a squad leader assigned to the First Marine Division. His unit was attached to the 2nd Marine Division, 11 Marine Expeditionary Forces in Iraq."

Corey put up some new guitar tabs over on Nine Bullets:

Nine Bullets - New tabs online
Margo and Harold
Feb 14
Daddy's Cup
Boys from Alabama
Do It Yourself

Jenn's fine self pointed us to an article on the Flaming Lips and one of their members sporting some DBT gear:

STLtoday - Entertainment - Music:
"Crockett is a man with a scruffy beard, a Drive-By Truckers baseball cap and the power to make a singular rock 'n' roll dream come true. He is the Flaming Lips' 'animal wrangler' - so called because it is his job to recruit fans who will don costumes and dance onstage with the band."

Jyl Freed has created a new blog taking a look at NASCAR and using some of Wes' old comic book illustrations. OH, and she also tells us that Jeff Wall is her bitch. You lucky devil, Jeff!

dbts : Message: Wes Freed SPAM!!!!:
"Hey to all you DBT fans. I don't check in here much - kinda onnagain offagain type, so I apologize in advance for spamming you, but I figured there was one or two of you who liked Wes's artwork well enough, and might be interested to see bits of some of his old comics. This blog ain't an art vehicle, it's more NASCAR related, but I'm using some of Wes's old illustrations (that aren't available anywhere else), so feel free to stop by and look at the funny pitchers now and then if you like. Hell, leave comments if yawanna...

No Kurt or Kyle Busch fans, please. Oh what the hell? Everyone's welcome at Willard's!

Love to all y'all

Jyl Freed

PS- Jeff Wall is my bitch.

I think Kyle posted this great article on MSNBC regarding the Drams. Boy, I sure I hope I get to see that band sometime soon.

dbts : Message: the Drams:
"check out the article on msnbc

Leaving the bar-band label far behind
By Rob Neill

“I understand from a fan perspective, it may seem like a jump,” Best says.

“Jubilee Dive” began as a Best solo project while Slobberbone was on hiatus. “I really didn’t want to be in a band,” he says. But sometime during the year-and-half before the end of the group he brought in former bandmates guitarist Jess Barr and drummer Tony Harper, and keyboardist Chad Stockslager and bassist Keith Killoren from the Dallas band Budapest One that Best was producing, to flesh out the sound.

He liked what he heard: “Suddenly I wanted to be in a band again.”


Nickel Creek recently broke up as a band. I truly enjoyed their music and hated to see them go.

Official Nickel Creek Website:
"Dearest Listener,

After seven years of extensive touring in support of three records (seventeen years as a band), we've decided to take a break of indefinite length at the end of 2007 to preserve the environment we've sought so hard to create and to pursue other interests. It has been a pleasure to write, record, and perform for you through the years and we'd like to heartily thank you for your invaluable contribution to our musical lives.


Nickel Creek
(Sean, Sara, and Chris)"

Wanna make your Friday go by fast. Grab some head phones and click on this link

Punk-o-Matic - select music instruments and make your own punk music

Later, taters!


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