Thursday, October 19, 2006

DBT Week in Review - 10/20

Patterson Hood and Company @ Nuci's Space 10/6/06.

Via Jayne. Courtesy of Sloan at Southern Shelter.


Pictures and tales from the Cleveland show via the Nine Bullets Posting Board


Welcome, newbies! Glad to have you on the DBT 'band'wagon....

dbts : Message: "Hardly Strictly" Bluegrass festival 10/8/06:
"I went to the 'Hardly Strictly' Bluegrass festival last week in Golden Gate Park and saw the last part of DBT's set. Wow! I was totally blown away by the band and how good they were - I'm sorry I didn't see the whole set. The 'Bulldozer and dirt' song was great -everybody in my section of the audience was singing along. This music did seem like the *heaviest* I heard at this festival. Did I mention that this is was my first time seeing the DBTs? I'm now hooked..."

dbts : Message: Re: Wow.:
"I introduced my buddy, Jeff, a kid who just graduated from the University of Toledo, to DBT, The Drams, and Slobberbone. He now lives in Cleveland.
Just thought you'd like to hear his first impressions:

Show was AMAZING. How amazing you ask? So amazing I am gettin outta work early Friday so I can make the 4 hour drive to Detroit and see it again.

After listening to the album I thought the Drams would be a lil more pop and soft rather than the punk sound of Slobberbone but they came out and rocked balls. " the band continuously reminds us long-timers why we love them so:

dbts : Message: Why there's none better than DBTS:
"Back in 1974 I bought an album called Ooh La La by The Faces. The Faces were a group of funny-looking misfit drunkards. A Faces song was basically this: everybody play whatever you feel like playing and Rod Stewart will sing his tits off and we'll hope it works. Ooh La La was the last record The Faces recorded in the studio. The critics hated it. Rod Stewart called it garbage. The rest of the Faces claimed Rod was keeping all his good stuff for his (fantastic!!) solo albums he was recording while a member of the Faces. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. Nobody else I knew ever bought it or liked it when I played it for them. A year or so after the album came out the Faces came through town with a little-known dude named Peter Frampton as the opening act. The show was amazing (even though the great Ronnie Lane had left the band and was replaced by the skinniest Japanese guy you've ever seen) but the band basically ignored the Ooh La La album for earlier stuff, a couple of Rod's solo songs and some great covers-Jumping Jack Flash!!!! Now its thirty years later and I'm an old funny-looking drunkard who still loves his rock and roll. I take the two and a half hour ride to Cleveland to see The Drive-By Truckers, a bunch of drunk kids that I just can't seem to convince anyone are the greatest band out there today. Right in the middle of the show at thew House Of Blues the youngest member of the band announces that Ian MacLagan is playing across town and he's sorry he couldn't get over to see the show but he was gonna do one of his songs. Ian MacLagan was The Faces keyboard player and the song the band played was Glad And Sorry from the Ooh La La album. When Jason sang the opening line- Thank You Kindly For Thinking Of Me- I felt like I was alone in the room with the band and they were playing to just me. A truly Transcendental moment; a great gift to an old rocker that sometimes forgets to enjoy the beauty of the little things. Thank you Jason. Thank you Patterson. Thank you Mike Thank you Shonna. Thank you Brad. You guys are great rock and rollers and are truly touching the lives of the people who have been lucky enough to find your music. Ronny Metallo"

San Francisco icon bit the dust this week. Sign O' the Times:

For S.F. rockers, Tower Records was where it was all happening -- now the party's over:
"Record promotion men Jeff Trager and Bill Perasso used to sit around drinking with pal Russ Solomon at their favorite hangout, the cocktail lounge at Villa Roma at the busy intersection of Columbus and Bay streets. Solomon, who owned record stores in Sacramento, would point to the supermarket across the street. 'One day I'm going to open a store there,' he told them."

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