Thursday, October 19, 2006

Red vs. Blue




In the filing in state court in suburban Franklin, where the couple has a home, Evans alleges that Schelske watched pornography on the couples' computers and has at least 100 nude photographs of himself in a state of arousal.

She also alleges that several photographs show Schelske having sex with other women.

According to the court documents, the oldest of the couple's children confronted Schelske when he was watching pornographic material on the television in their home."
"The common good, as both a philosophical ideal and approach to governing, has a rich history in the civic strands of American thought and in the values and principles of the U.S. Constitution. It is also a powerful theme in the social teachings of many major faith traditions. In both the civic and faith realms, a commitment to the common good means pursuing policies and community actions that benefit all individuals and balance self-interest with the needs of the entire society. It recognizes that government -- while not the only tool -- is essential for helping people pursue their dreams, and that the business, labor, faith and NGO communities play a critical role as well. "


Republicans are the party of family values.

They’re the party that protects the sanctity of marriage. Their morality is stronger than their opposition.

So say the Republicans. But the statistics say differently.

Of the top 15 states for divorce rates in 2005, all 15 voted for Bush in 2004. All fifteen.

Of the 12 lowest states for divorce rates, 11 voted for Kerry."

Take Representative Terry Everett, a seven-term Alabama Republican who is vice chairman of the House intelligence subcommittee on technical and tactical intelligence.

'Do you know the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite?' I asked him a few weeks ago.

Mr. Everett responded with a low chuckle. He thought for a moment: 'One's in one location, another's in another location. No, to be honest with you, I don't know. I thought it was differences in their religion, different families or something.'

To his credit, he asked me to explain the differences. I told him briefly about the schism that developed after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, and how Iraq and Iran are majority Shiite nations while the rest of the Muslim world is mostly Sunni. 'Now that you've explained it to me,' he replied, 'what occurs to me is that it makes what we're doing over there extremely difficult, not only in Iraq but that whole area.'

This idiot isn't some backbencher. He's the vice chairman of the House intelligence subcommittee on technical and tactical intelligence."


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I forgot what I was going to say. Shoulda smoked more when I was young? Is it too late to catch up? Seriously, jpw, excellent blog today, even by your high standards.

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