Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Final Straw

This is the end.....

Gonzales: 'I did make some mistakes'

It was not a 'mistake' when it was a political calculation by the White House that you supported not as an independent judiciary, but as a lackey to BushCo.

How many evil and/or incompetents can one administration have? Apparently that number is limitless when dealing with Republicans.

So what bullshit being slung by the right to justify this? Clinton did it, too. Oh yeah, the 'Clinton did it' defense. Debunked. More Debunked.

My biggest worry is not for the 8 attorneys that were fired, it is for the other 85 attorney who were probably coerced into doing some seriously evil shit in order to keep their jobs.

Too freakin' funny. H/T Alablawg who H/T somebody else.... and on and on and on.


South Americans rock!

Bolivia could put coca leaves on coat of arms
"LA PAZ (Reuters) - Bolivia, the world's third biggest cocaine producer, should redesign its coat of arms to include coca leaves, according to one group of delegates to an assembly rewriting the constitution."


Townser said...

Hey- Your last comment regarding the attorney purge is the truly scary part of the situation. i cannot remember who it was (maybe Digby), but they had an excellent post exploring just that topic. Simply imagine what some of these people did to keep their jobs. Frightening. I know that some of the attorneys were directed to explore supposed Democratic campaign abuses. With some ridiculous percentage (99%+) proving to be unfounded. Nothing like your tax dollars at work against you...

AAW said...

You Townser! It just keeps getting worse, doesn't it. I mean, what puddle of shit can these people waller in next time?

I fully expect a photo to come out of Rove screwing one of Brangelina's asian baby's in the ear.

Every time you go, OK this is the one that takes 'em down, they survive and do something a 100 times worse in the next act.